Continuous improvements for S-Series Combines: 91.4-cm (36-in.) tracks
John Deere Combine

Continuous improvements for S-Series Combines: 91.4-cm (36–in.) tracks  
As model year 2014 Final Tier 4 (FT4) combines begin to show up at dealerships, there have been improvements to the 91.4-cm (36-in.) tracks. These improvements ensure producers are receiving the best in combine performance, harvesting uptime, and lowest overall cost.
High idler: The high idler configuration provides an aggressive approach angle that allows the track module to climb over most obstacles. Debris and mud are pulled under the track, keeping the track module and combine on top, which further improves floatation and minimizes surface damage.

Cost of Operation:
Flexibility: The John Deere 91.4-m (36-in.) tracks are compatible with model year 2014 FT4 S-Series Combine models S670, S680, and S690 with ProDrive™ transmission. Tracks are interchangeable with wheels for combine resale to maximize the cost of ownership of the tracks.

Service: The only daily maintenance is to clean out the track assembly from mud and debris. Track tension is preset and can be easily monitored with a hydraulic pressure gauge. Belt alignment is excellent with the rigid undercarriage design and rubber belts equipped with straight steel cables, minimizing belt adjustment, and servicing.

Model year 2014 91.4-cm (36-in.) tracks continuous improvements:
Increased mid-roller wheel diameter: This reduces the load on idler wheels, where the most wiping between the belt tread bars and the road occurs, resulting in lower traction lug wear rate.

Cost of Operation/Uptime:
Added two degree taper to mid rollers: This distributes load more evenly across mid rollers when operating the combine on crowned roads. This directly correlates to a reduction in excessive traction lug temperatures during road transport that can result in traction lug blow out.
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