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900 Series Round Balers released in North America
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900 Series Round Balers released in North America  

The model year 2015 990 and 960 MaxiCut™ Round Balers for North America offer four different models: two 4x5 precutters with either 13 or 25 knives and two 4x6 precutters with 13 or 25 knives. These balers are ISOBUS compatible with two continuous belts and a rapid bale eject system unlike any other in the industry.

Key features

  • The precutter with 25 knives has four different cut lengths.
  • This is an ISOBUS baler and also has Tractor-Baler Automation.
  • It is capable of ejecting bales in about 5 seconds.
  • The two endless belts and roll design allow for consistent heavy and dense bales.
  • With 100H chain and a robust frame design, these balers are strong and durable.
Only the precutter options will be offered in North America. Customers can also order this baler with 540 or 1000 rpm, and they have a choice of a central grease bank or an auto-lube system. There are also multiple tire options and the choice of pivoting gauge wheels on the pickup.

There are four required options for North America (7703, 8159, 8508, and 8798) that can be found under the Customize Product section in configurator. These include the shipping preparation method, cleaning roller, drawbar safety chain, and the road lighting kit.
Effective Date : 03-Sep-2014
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