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3-point hitch downforce kit

John Deere Utility Tractor

3-point hitch downforce kit  
4R Series Tractor equipped with 3-point hitch downforce kit and post hole digger
An optional 3-point hitch downforce kit is now available for 4R Series Tractors. This kit is available as a field-installed option only and is compatible with 4R Open Station and Cab Tractors.

This industry-exclusive kit allows an extra 500 lb (226.8 kg) of downward force to be applied to the lower 3-point hitch arms. The force is applied using two additional hydraulic cylinders connected to a bracket mounted directly to the frame and the upper rockshaft arms.

The added force enables the operator to push an implement through hard and compacted soil. This is especially useful in posthole digging, tilling applications, and rear blade work.
Left-hand downforce cylinder
Right-hand downforce cylinder
The added downforce is engaged by depressing the rocker switch mounted in the right-hand fender. Depressing the switch activates pressure within the cylinders, which retracts the cylinder arm, pulling the hitch arms down, creating the additional down pressure on the 3-point hitch.
Rocker switch used to engage downforce
Rocker switch used to engage downforce
NOTE: Additional parts may be required for installation. Please see selective control valve (SCV) reference table for hydraulic ordering information.

4R Series HST Cab Tractors

4R Series HST Open Station Tractors

4R Series PRT Open Station Tractors

NOTE: The optional downforce kit is not compatible with the electric three-spool diverter or top-and-tilt kits.
Effective Date : 26-Nov-2014
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