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2015 ZTrak™ Mowers include improved Mulch On Demand(TM) (MOD) decks, seat improvements, and Z930M 54-in. (137-cm) mower options

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2015 ZTrak™ Mowers include improved Mulch On Demand™ (MOD) decks, seat improvements, and Z930M 54-in. (137-cm) mower options  
Z930M with MOD mower deck
Model year 2015 ZTrak Mowers have significant changes to improve performance, comfort, and reliability.

The Z930M model will now be available with 54-in. (137-cm) side-discharge and 54-in. (137-cm) MOD Mower Decks:
  • Answers customer demand for more power with these deck configurations
  • Mulch On Demand provides more efficiency for the customer
Seat improvements
Rubber seat springs
Seat latch
Seat changes improve ride comfort and convenience:
  • Base and isolated seats now have rubber springs to increase ride comfort.
  • A new seat latch makes it easier to lift the seat.
  • Seat conversion kits will be available.
    • Seat conversion kits will not retrofit machines prior to model year 2015.
Improved MOD mowers

Mulch On Demand (MOD) mower decks deliver unprecedented levels of productivity and versatility to commercial mower operation. The ability to switch between side discharge and mulching with the flip of a lever, while mowing, also makes it easy to keep most clippings out of landscaping features.

For the 2015 model year, several improvements have been made to the MOD mower decks to further enhance performance and maintain that performance over a longer period of time.

MOD mowers are available for the ZTrak Mowers and in the sizes listed below:



Z920M - 48-in. (122-cm) MOD

Z920R - 54-in. (137-cm) MOD

Z925M EFI - 54-in. (137-cm) MOD

Z950R - 60-in. (152-cm) MOD

Z930M - 54-in. (137-cm) MOD

Z960R - 60-in. (152-cm) MOD

Z930M - 60-in. (152-cm) MOD


Z930M EFI - 60-in. (152-cm) MOD


Z950M - 60-in. (152-cm) MOD


All of the changes shown below apply to all three sizes of ZTrak MOD decks with one exception, as noted later, that the extra hole in the gate linkage pivot only applies to the 60-in. (152-cm) deck.
Discharge chute improvements
Illustration of new chute
The discharge chute has been changed to improve performance and convenience:
  • Cut lines are provided for easier installation of material collection system (MCS) blowers and mulching kits.
  • The chute is enlarged to give more coverage at the rear of the discharge opening.
  • More support is provided to reduce the amount of droop over time.
Greaseless pivots
Greaseless pivots
Greaseless bushings replace greaseable joints to reduce maintenance and improve reliability:
  • Maintenance-free, low-friction bushings that do not require greasing reduce sticking and maintain lower handle-force effort over time.
  • Pivot points have improved wear resistance to maintain optimum fit over time.
Ball joints added
Ball joints added
Ball joints improve durability and reliability:
  • Ball joints have been added to high-load pivot points to reduce wear and the need for adjustment over time.
Gate linkage improvements
Extra hole added to gate linkage pivot of 60-in. (152-cm) MOD mower only
Gate linkage and gate linkage connecting points have been redesigned to eliminate binding and increase life of the gate linkage. A hole has been added in the gate linkage pivot for adjustment of the discharge gate opening angle for high-hour wear conditions (60-in. (152-cm) MOD mower only):
  • Linkage can be moved to furthest hole to open the discharge gate further (60-in. (152-cm) MOD mower only).
The discharge gate and discharge baffle have been redesigned to close fully and reduce windrowing:
  • The hole in the discharge gate has been removed to increase discharge opening coverage.
  • The stop is now located on the baffle to allow it to close further.
The blade-chamber separators are made from thicker material and have slots for adjustment:
  • Adjustment can be made to the operator's preference.
Mowing performance before improvements
Mowing performance after improvements
Pricing can be viewed on JDMINT. Updated Price Pages will be available in a future price page publication.

Available for order immediately; shipping is scheduled to begin in February 2015.
Effective Date : 19-Jan-2015
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