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The basics of e23™ operation

John Deere Tractor

The basics of e23™ operation  

Full AUTO mode

Full AUTO mode is a speed-centric mode - the shift lever commands ground speed changes at the lowest rpm possible. An operator can bump the shift lever to make larger ground speed adjustments or use the scroll wheel on the shift lever to dial in more precise speed increments, similar to an AutoPowr™/IVT™.

Customers can assign two set speeds; for example, set speed 2 at 6 mph for a pass in the field and set speed 1 at 4 mph for turns on the headland. The minimum engine speed will be preset at 1200 rpm and cannot be adjusted in Full AUTO mode.
Throttle control and ECO button
Custom mode page from CommandCenter™
Custom mode

Custom mode is also speed-centric, and operates the same as Full AUTO mode but allows the operator to customize specific settings such as droop for both power take-off (PTO) on and off, and load anticipation for PTO, hitch, and hydraulics. Custom mode also allows for the use of ECO functionality.

ECO allows customers to set two minimum engine speeds. The ECO OFF minimum engine speed can be set to 1650 rpm while working in the field, so the tractor remains in the optimum power range for heavy draft work or to maintain minimum hydraulic flow.

Set the ECO ON minimum engine speed to 900 rpm for transport down the road and the tractor will run at the lowest possible engine rpm, minimizing fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption.

Manual mode

Manual mode is gear-centric, the shift lever commands gear changes and engine rpm is not automated. This is an ideal mode for operators who are most comfortable with traditional PowerShift operation. Many operators will also prefer manual mode for loader work and when backing up to implements.
Left-hand reverser e23 controls
Right-hand reverser e23 controls

The e23 transmission features speed matching in manual mode. When the tractor is running with Efficiency Manager™ engaged and the tractor is downshifted, rpm will revert to the throttle setting and the tractor will automatically downshift to match the ground speed.


The e23 transmission is equipped with AutoClutch functionality. This allows customers to stop the tractor without having to depress the clutch. Adjustments can be made through the CommandCenter™ to adjust sensitivity, or to turn AutoClutch off. This can be found in the advanced settings page along with start-up gear selections for both forward and reverse.

Additional information

For more information on the e23 and its operation, please reference the video links provided:

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