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New tools and features in MyJohnDeere Operations Center to enable machine uptime and improve productivity

John Deere Farmsight

New tools and features in MyJohnDeere Operations Center to enable machine uptime and improve productivity  
MyJohnDeere Operations Center continues to add value by providing tools and features that enable producers gain insights to execute the task at hand efficiently and profitably.

Learn about all the new tools and features available in the Operations Center to help customers with harvest and improve quality and productivity that will in the end help boost profitability.

Post calibration (October 2014):

The post calibration feature gives users of the MyJohnDeere Operations Center the ability to adjust total bushels or crop weight and moisture by field to ensure accurate harvest totals. Users can reconcile the differences between documented yield totals and scale tickets simply by entering a new weight or total yield.

Being able to adjust these totals ensures that producers are leveraging the most accurate yield results to analyze performance and to make recommendations for the next crop season. Post calibration tool can be accessed from the Field Analyzer>Harvest>Drop down to the top right corner.
Click here to see a video on post calibration.  
Post calibration tool
Access post calibration from Field Analyzer
Post calibration screen
Location History 60-day view (November 2014)

John Deere is taking the current Location History a step further by adding a 60-day view. Users will be able to see and verify completed work one day at a time for their fleet on a map and have a two-month history available of their vehicles in the field.

By choosing a date or a vehicle from a list, users can quickly and easily see where their machines have been and verify what work they have done for that date. Users can keep an eye on their entire fleet, easily see the paths traveled, what work has been completed each day, as well as the route to and from the different fields to identify misuse.
Click here to see a video on Location History 60-day view.  
Location History 60-day view (calendar functionality)
JDLink™ alerts in MyJohnDeere Operations Center (November 2014)

To ensure that users are kept up to date on machine health and status and to improve machine uptime, the JDLink Machine alerts from Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), Geofence, and Curfew are now available in MyJohnDeere Operations Center, providing users valuable information in an easy-to-understand visual format. Machines in the field will have red, yellow, or blue alerts in the Operations Center.
  • Red alerts are high priority and come off the machine as they occur, requiring immediate action from the operator or manager remotely monitoring the machine.
  • Yellow alerts are medium priority.
  • Blue alerts are informational alerts that come off the machines on regularly scheduled call ins or on user request.
DTC alerts are available on machines with JDLink Ultimate data collection. See the JDLink compatibility chart spreadsheet in the supplemental/compatibility section of the sales manual for more detailed information on compatibility.

For a longer history of alerts by machines, fleet view of alerts, and making changes to receive alert notifications via SMS or email, please continue to use the JDLink website.
Click here to see a video on JDLink alerts in Operations Center.  
Alerts details in Operations Center
Application maps in Field Analyzer (October 2014)

In addition to viewing harvest and seeding information in Field Analyzer, users now have access to view their spraying or application information. The Field Analyzer enables the ability to view application maps with just a few button clicks.
Field Analyzer tool in Operations Center
Operations Center enhances the user experience by simplifying and consolidating features, functionality, and making use fast and easy. Here are a few recent enhancements to Operations Center:

Map layers and zoom button (November 2014)

Map layers have been condensed into a single button to save space and enable future expansion of more map layers and preferences. When expanded, the black Map Layers panel below becomes visible.

The zoom to extent of organization button has been changed to better reflect its functionality.
A: Map layers, B: Zoom button
Weather radar legend and map in motion (November 2014)

A color legend has been added to show severity of rainfall events. A snow/ice legend will not be included.

Radar can now be set in motion by pressing the Play button to show the past 90 minutes of storm movement. Pressing stop returns the map to the most recent still radar image available.

A five-day forecast has been relocated to appear directly above the current conditions when they are clicked.
D: Color legend for rainfall, E: Play button for radar in motion, F: New location for 5-day forecast
Modular telematics gateway (MTG) terminal overview and setup (November 2014)

The terminal overview screen for MTG devices has been updated to more clearly show general information and now includes terminal call history and machine ping. Terminal overview can be accessed by selecting any machine from the machine list and clicking the icon.
Terminal setup is now available from inside the Operations Center, allowing settings to be changed without going into JDLink™.
G: Old terminal overview versus new terminal overview information screen
H: Terminal setup can now be done in Operations Center
Apex™ to MyJohnDeere Operations Center Backup (Dec 2014)

In September 2014, Apex to MyJohnDeere Operations Center backup was made available for all John Deere Dealers to help operators back up their historical Apex data.

Starting December 2014, Apex users will be able to backup historical data to the Operations Center on their own. In the Backup and Restore Utility within Apex, users will be able to push their historical data to the Operations Center using an Internet connection. The Backup and Restore Utility will be available to all Apex users in December 2014 and will require them to update the Apex software version that is currently on their desktop computer. More information will be available with the Apex software update release notes in December 2014.

Dealers will continue to have the option of helping the users who have slow Internet speeds or would like to get help from the dealer to backup their historical Apex data to MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Benefits to the user of Apex backup to the Operations Center

There are several reasons why this migration of data to the Operations Center benefits those users capturing production data:
  • Accessible: the user has the ability to access this information virtually, anywhere and anytime – in the office or remotely on mobile devices
  • Insightful: the user will be able to utilize the ever-growing tools and features in the Operations Center that enables efficiency gains within the farm operation in a sustainable and profitable way:
    • Birds-eye view of machines and field boundaries
    • JDLink™ machine utilization features
    • Remote Display Access
    • Harvest summary
    • Agronomic reports
    • Logistics management
    • Field Analyzer compare and difference maps
    • Location History
  • Open: the user will be able to share information with trusted advisors to gain additional insight and recommendations
  • Secure: data loaded to the Operations Center is protected through physical and internal control, where the user controls who has access to the data

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