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John Deere 6D, 6M, and 6R Series product positioning

John Deere Tractor

John Deere 6D, 6M, and 6R Series product positioning  
6D Series
6M Series
6R Series


Engine hp


Engine hp


Engine hp

Small frame






































Large frame



















Customer value
John Deere delivers product value through three tractor platform selections (6D Valve Spec, 6M Mid Spec, and 6R Premium Spec) ranging from 105–215 engine hp to meet varying customer demands and requirements.

These platforms provide a common range of horsepower, but vary in specifications, capabilities, and price points to meet customers’ needs.
Key value propositions for 6D Series Tractors
  • Simple controls are ideal for tractor and loader work, moving large round bales, or power take-off (PTO) applications like roadside mowing
  • New 12X12 and 24X12 PowrReverser™ transmissions provide up to six speeds in working range 8.05 km/h to 20.9 km/h (5 mph to 13 mph) for haying operations such as mower-conditioning and baling
  • Electrohydraulic PTO makes it easy to engage and disengage PTO great for PTO applications such as grinder-mixer, augers and rotary cutters
  • Open-center constant flow hydraulic system (20 gpm) delivers required flow to get the job done fast for loader work
  • Dry PTO socket — quicker changeover, faster to the field plus no oil loss when changing 540 and 1000 rpm PTO shafts
Key value propositions for 6M Series Tractors
  • Rugged, functional controls with some advanced features designed for haying and livestock operations, yard chores, material handling, rotary cutter applications, municipality duty and specialty crops
  • 40.2 km/h (25 mph) transmission available for faster transport enabling more productivity in the field
  • Creeper speeds are ideally aligned for fruit and vegetable operations
  • Closed-center pressure-and flow-compensating (PFC) hydraulic system (30 gpm) enables more lift capacity and faster loader cycle times
  • Power Fill brakes for demanding loads and hillside mowing operations
  • Multiple tire options available to match additional applications including haying, livestock, loaders, and specialty crops
Key value propositions for 6R Series Tractors
  • ComfortView™ cab, high-performance controls, operation, and optimum comfort along with panoramic visibility for field and loader operations
  • Generation 4 CommandCenter™ provides premium technology and functionality such as integrated AutoTrac™ delivering accurate and cost-effective guidance through the field
  • 41 gpm PFC hydraulics, six selective control valves (SCVs) provide maximum hydraulic operational efficiency for hydraulic motor operation on large implements, seeding tools, row-crop planters and potato harvesters
  • 31 mph transmissions providing the ultimate in transport speed farm to market
  • ECO efficiency with reduced engine speed for applications such as transporting slurry tanks and loaded wagons
  • TLS™ (Triple-Link Suspension) and pneumatic cab suspension offer increased traction along with operator comfort to match higher transport speeds and rough field conditions in row-crop operations and moving bales in hay fields.
  • Commonality of CommandCenter™ and operational controls shorten learning curve for operator training from 6R up to 9R Series Tractors
  • 30 degrees of right-hand seat swivel allows operational view of mower-conditioner or baler without twisting the shoulders and neck, reducing operator fatigue
  • New recessed hydraulic valve stack provides straight-line drawbar pin visibility along with lever disconnect for quicker couple and uncouple of implement hydraulic hoses, increasing productive time in the field
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) lights for full-spectrum lighting reduces operator fatigue and increases operator run time in tight application windows for planting, and seeding
Cost of Operation
  • AMS technology utilizing precision guidance AutoTrac lessens overlap and skips of implement passes reducing input costs such as fuel, fertilizer and seed expense
  • Efficient IVT™, Direct Drive and AQ+ ECO transmissions operate at lower engine rpm while improving fluid economy in row-crop, haying, livestock, and harvesting operations
  • Conserve fuel with E-PTO while maintaining rated PTO speed operating mower-conditioner or baler
  • 750-hour engine oil change, extending service intervals and reducing costs
Common customer applications 6D, 6M, and 6R Series

6D Performance
(value spec)

  • Haying
  • Loader work
  • Feeding cattle
  • Mowing roadside
  • Governmental roadside
  • Property maintenance

6M Performance
(mid spec)

  • Haying
  • Loader work
  • Feeding cattle
  • Mowing roadsides
  • Orchards and vineyards
  • Bedded crops
  • Boom mowers
  • Light row crops

6R Performance
(premium spec)

  • Feeding cattle
  • Row crop
  • Haying
  • Loader work
  • Hay applications
  • Boom mowers
  • Snow removal
  • Transport

Consideration factors:
  • Tractor stability (weight and size)
  • Comfort (ergonomics, simplicity)
  • Scale of operation (size of operation and variety of tasks) wheel spacing
  • Ground clearance (tire size)
Recommended John Deere tractor series for different scenarios

Scenario 1: Flat, gently rolling 120-acre cow/calf and haying operation, plus 100 acres custom hay baling equipment: 630 Mower-Conditioner, 569 Round Baler, and HX15 Rotary Cutter
Requires a loader to feed cattle and move bales.
Price-conscious customer.
Answer: 6D Value-Spec Series Tractor
The 6D provides the PTO horsepower and hydraulic capacity required to operate the customer’s line of equipment. Wide tread setting for stability on hills and a wheelbase of 2451 mm (96.5 in.) will handle H310 Loader work like lifting heavy round bales. These are the reasons why the 6D Tractor would be a great selection.

Scenario 2: Hilly terrain 390-acre cattle ranch
Equipment: 625 Mower-Conditioner, 459 Round Baler, and HX10 Rotary Cutter
Requires loader to feed cattle; scrape lots; move, store, and load large round bales.
Customer acres all close by, but some fields have steep grades, want mid-level convenience.
Answer: 6M Mid-Spec Series Tractor
A 6M Series Cab Tractor would be an excellent choice where hydraulic and PTO requirements are high priorities. Packaged with H360 Loader, the John Deere solution makes bale moving and loading quick and easy. The 6M delivers plenty of engine horsepower, hydraulic power, PTO capabilities, transmission choices, plus approximately 5443 kg (12,000 lb) tractor weight in challenging terrain. The customer value includes easy operation, quicker cycle times to cut down the time to stack bales, and the power to operate a bale processor.

Scenario 3: 960-acre corn and soybean farm
Equipment: Primary tillage mulch-ripper, Secondary 2210 Soil Conditioner tool, 16-row 1790 corn/soybean planter, and HX10 Rotary Cutter
Requires the main tractor to do all the tillage, pre-plant operations, plus planting applications for corn and soybeans. Customer currently has an older premium tractor. The main reasons to upgrade are to improve accuracy using GPS technology, added comfort, and the need to decrease operational time and labor cost.
Answer: 6R Large-Frame Series Tractor
A 6R Series ComfortView™ cab is designed with this customer in mind. AutoTrac will improve pass-to-pass accuracy for tillage and planting operations save input costs such as seed, nitrogen, and fuel.

Add 41 gpm flow by combining the PFC hydraulic system, and up to six SCVs for those implements with multiple hydraulic motors. Also, multiple PTO options are available including E-PTO for ultimate efficiency in PTO applications. A 6R Large-Frame Tractor would be recommended to fit this customer’s row-crop operation.

The 6 Family Tractors offer ample configurations to meet the specific needs of customers based on their operations, application requirements, and desired comfort level.

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