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Introducing the model year 2015 large-frame 6R Tractors

John Deere Tractor

Introducing the model year 2015 large-frame 6R Tractors  

Based on the 6R Series, the new 6R Tractors are designed to make the good even better. They offer outstanding performance, comfort, and efficiency with even higher level of uptime and reduced cost of operation while meeting the most demanding customer needs. The new 6R Series Tractors are versatile and can work in any conditions – they are at home in the field and on the road.

Three new large-frame models have been introduced.

Model year 2014

Model year 2015

Outstanding performance
The enhanced features on the new 6R increase functionality and versatility. Paired with a first-class operator environment, getting the job done is easy.
  • Increased horsepower
    The model year 2015 Large-Frame 6R Tractors gained an additional 5 hp over the previous models. The new 6R Tractors draw power from a 6.8L John Deere PowerTech™ engine and range from 175 hp through 215 hp. Intelligent Power Management (IPM) received a 10 hp boost and is now rated at 40 hp. The additional horsepower enhances overall productivity by helping maintain power through varying conditions like transporting a heavy load over rolling hills.
*Rated engine HP (ISO), 97/68/EC, at 2100 engine rpm.
  • Improved hydraulics
    Not only have additional selective control valves (SCVs) been added to the model year 2015 Large-Frame 6Rs, the valve stack has also been physically moved further under the cab, improving operator visibility to the drawbar. The new hydraulic valves also have a hose disengagement lever, reducing the effort required to uncouple hoses under pressure. This enables operators to change implements with ease. Up to six SCVs or five SCVs with power beyond are now available on the 6175R, 6195R, and 6215R. With the increase in horsepower and the added SCV options – the 6R Large-Frame Tractors can handle more implements and perform more functions.
6R rear hydraulics
6R model year 2015 view of drawbar without SCV stack interference
  • Cab and comfort enhancements
    More commonality and consistency is now seen throughout the 6R to 9R Families of Tractors. The 6R Tractors ordered with DirectDrive or IVT™ transmission will receive the CommandARM™ with an optional programmable electric joystick. Operators who are used to the controls of the larger 7R and 8R Tractors will now be more familiar when they step foot into a 6R. The CommandARM configured tractors also provide increased operator visibility and comfort through a 30-degree right-hand seat swivel. This makes backing up to an implement or monitoring a baler much easier.
ComfortView™ cab
  • Improved visibility
    The premium lighting packages will now feature the light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. LEDs provide greater nighttime visibility with a 40 percent greater coverage width. LEDs cause less fatigue on the operator to push through the night. The premium light option with the LEDs will also decrease input costs as they have a longer lifespan, drawing 45 percent fewer amps than standard halogen lights. Wide-angle external mirrors are available on premium and premium plus cabs to help improve visibility around the tractor and larger implements.
6R wide-angle mirrors
  • Intuitive controls
    Monitoring tractor performance and controlling tractor functions will now be easier through the Generation 4 CommandCenter™ that comes standard with a 4100 processor and 7-in. display, along with video input and AutoTrac™ capabilities. An optional 4600 processor and 10–in. display is available with DirectDrive or IVT transmissions, which will provide the potential for additional functionality down the road. Optimal performance out of the tractor is now only fingertips away, which leads to further uptime and lower operational costs.
4100 CommandCenter – 7-in. display
4600 CommandCenter – 10-in. display
  • Green-on-green solutions
    The John Deere-designed and -built loaders are made specifically for optimal performance when paired with John Deere tractors. With features such as mechanical self-leveling (MSL) and third function hydraulic capable, the H360 or H380 are the ultimate hired hands when paired with a 6R Large Frame. Loader enhancing options like industry-exclusive return-to-position (RTP) technology or a ride-enhancing loader suspension system add even more value.
H380 Loader
Enhanced uptime
A few updates have been made to improve uptime, making the new 6Rs even more reliable.
  • Serviceability
    New latch-and-lift mechanisms make access to the engine compartment easier, even with a loader attached. Routine maintenance tasks are now less taxing and less time consuming. Uptime is also increased, as it will encourage routine maintenance to be performed. The engine oil change interval on the 6R Tractors has been increased from 500 hours up to 750 hours. That equates to less time spent changing oil.
New hood latch-and-lift mechanism
  • Technical support
    The operator does not have to feel alone when some help is needed for machine setup, operation optimization, and making adjustments to the tractor for optimal performance. Remote Display Access (RDA) and remote service and support through JDLink™ allows customers easy ways to communicate and resolve current or potential issues remotely and quickly.
Reduced cost of operation
By improving the overall efficiency of the new 6Rs and increasing uptime, the operator’s bottom line is improved.
  • Lower input costs
    By incorporating diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology prior to using diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to meet Final Tier 4 (FT4) requirements, a low amount of DEF fluid is actually needed as the DEF usage is only 1-3 Percent. With the extension of the engine oil interval from 500 hours up to 750 hours, that equates to fewer oil changes throughout the life of the tractor and lowers maintenance costs.

More information about the 6R Tractors is available in the online sales manual.

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