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Introducing the 2410C Nutrient Applicator

John Deere Equipment

Introducing the 2410C Nutrient Applicator  
Delivering on customer needs

  • Increased daily productivity with larger machine width offerings up to 19.1 m (62 ft, 6 in.)
  • Faster application speeds allowing operators to cover more acres
  • The wheel configuration, with a total of 18 tires, provides greater flotation through a 28 percent larger footprint than competitive machines
  • Adjustable closing disks reduce plugging to allow for more run-time
  • The 2410C will go from field-to-field in varying residue types and soil conditions
  • Knife shearing downtime is reduced 90 percent over competitive applicators
  • Zero grease zerks on the closing disks leads to 65 percent fewer grease points than the competition
Cost of operation
  • Application accuracy is achieved through in-cab depth control to precisely place and seal nitrogen to maximize yield potential
  • The floating hitch ensures level operation as it is free to follow the contour of the terrain ensuring accurate placement and eliminating gas out to protect fertilizer investment costs
  • Additional revenue is generated with the ability to get to the field sooner and stay there longer
  • The tube-through-tube frame design has provided unmatched, proven reliability to John Deere customers
Customer value
The 2410C Nutrient Applicator has been designed to meet customer’s top anhydrous application needs to be productive in varying soil types and field conditions. The 2410C delivers larger working widths, faster operating speeds, precise nutrient placement and sealing, and the proven frame design to reduce plugging and increase reliability.

The 2410C, available in 19-, 21-, 23-, 24-, and 25-row models, offers unmatched versatility in the marketplace with its adjustable closing disks and coulters. With the larger machine configurations, the 2410C delivers a 47 percent increase in productivity over the largest John Deere 2510C Conventional Applicator.
More acres covered each day
The 2410C Nutrient Applicator is available in five machine configurations:


Working width

Transport width

Transport height

19 row

14.5 m (47 ft, 6 in.)

5.41 m (17 ft, 9 in.)

4.52 m (14 ft, 10 in.)

21 row

16.0 m (52 ft, 6 in.)

6.40 m (21 ft)

4.72 m (15 ft, 6 in.)

23 row

17.5 m (57 ft, 6 in.)

6.40 m (21 ft)

4.72 m (15 ft, 6 in.)

24 row

18.3 m (60 ft)

6.40 m (21 ft)

4.72 m (15 ft, 6 in.)

25 row

19.1 m (62 ft, 6 in.)

6.40 m (21 ft)

4.72 m (15 ft, 6 in.)

Proven frame design
3.4-m (134-in.) four-rank frame
The four-rank frame design of the 2410C has provided unmatched reliability to John Deere operators for over 10 years and a countless amount of acres. The frame stretches 3.40 m (134 in.) front-to-back, which allows for high levels of residue to easily flow through the staggered row units ensuring higher productivity and consistent nutrient placement. The large frame member sizes, tube-through-tube construction, and wheel module placement adds to the structural integrity, providing a stable front-to-rear and side-to-side operation.

The open frame design of the 2410C offers the ability to mount anhydrous distribution and nitrogen stabilizer systems in different locations throughout the bar based on user preference and convenience.
Superior floatation
Walk-Over™ tandem wheels
The wheel configuration of the 2410C provides increased performance with a total of 18 front castering and Walk-Over tandem wheels. This allows for excellent depth accuracy for following the contour of the terrain and provides greater flotation and maneuverability.

The staggered wheel design provides additional room for residue flow, obstacles, and transport stability. Ultimately, this setup leads to precise nutrient placement, eliminating gas-out while achieving increased application speeds in varying field conditions.

The front castering wheels provide good stability at the front of the machine and facilitate excellent turning, reducing tire scuffing. The rear-mounted walking tandem wheels maintain a level frame for increased operating speeds over rough fields.

Precise nutrient placement

The 2410C Nutrient Applicator is designed for precise and accurate depth control. AccuDepth™ comes as standard equipment or single-point depth control is available as an option. Both provide accurate depth control to ensure exact nutrient placement and best utilize tractor horsepower.
AccuDepth on GreenStar™ 2630 Display
With AccuDepth, these adjustments can be done on-the-go, increasing productivity and making the day easier for operators. AccuDepth provides accurate and precise depth control by the use of individual wheel sensors and electronic circuitry to perform tasks of leveling and depth measurements. Accurate depth is displayed to the nearest 2.5 mm (1/10 in.).

The field-proven, single-point depth control offers the producer one easy, front-mounted crank to dial in their depth control for the entire implement. From one location, this adjustment is easily and quickly completed.

Conventional or chisel standards available

The Tru-Depth™ standards on the 2410C Nutrient Applicators are designed for precise and accurate nutrient placement and offer 567 kg (1250 lb) of trip force to allow for faster operating speeds. The conventional standard comes as base equipment and the parabolic chisel standard is available as an option.
Conventional standard
The Tru-Depth conventional standard allows for application from 100 mm (4 in.) to 250 mm (10 in.) deep. With a trip height of 279 mm (11 in.), the standard is able to handle field obstacles and reset back to the operating depth with no shear bolt replacement. This reduces downtime spent replacing shear bolts which leads to increased productivity.
Chisel standard
The Tru-Depth chisel standard allows operators to perform tillage up to 305 mm (12 in.) deep and gives them the ability to perform nutrient application and tillage in one pass. The standard is designed to mix and bury residue to promote decomposition and encourage faster soil warming.

Adjustable closing disks

The closing disk system on the 2410C requires no tools for adjustability. Fore-aft and lateral settings are pin adjustable and have variable down force. This makes for quick, easy adjustments that allow for customizable settings to meet field finish preferences. For increased productivity and ease of serviceability, there are no grease zerks on the closing disks assembly.

The 460-mm (18-in.) concave notched blades close the slot and seal the anhydrous in the soil. The closing disks are designed with down-pressure springs built in which limits bounce in rough field conditions. The closing arms have been engineered to flex as large obstructions (clods/rocks/etc.) flow between the knife and the blade. This allows one machine to operate in any soil type and eliminates the need to have multiple disk sealer attachments along with labor required to change them out.


The John Deere 2410C Anhydrous Applicator will prove to meet customer’s top anhydrous application needs – productivity, accuracy, uptime, reliability, and cost of operation. The 2410C will consistently meet both the custom applicator and traditional, large, and extra-large producers operational demands of faster, more precise application with less downtime ensuring additional profit and yield potential while delivering industry leading performance in all field residue conditions and soil types.

For more information on the 2410C, refer to the Ag Sales Manual.
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