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Model year 2015 updates to self-propelled sprayers

John Deere Sprayer

Model year 2015 updates to self-propelled sprayers  
To accommodate customer needs within application equipment, we have made the following updates for model year 2015 4630, R4030, R0438, and R4045 Self-Propelled Sprayers:

Ag Management Solutions (AMS)
  • The GreenStar™ 2 (GS2) 1800 Display will no longer be an orderable option.
  • Remote Display Access (RDA) is now packaged with JDLink™ Ultimate subscriptions.
  • The SF1/SF2 AutoTrac™ activations have now been combined into a single activation.
Cab and controls
  • Cab-mounted beacon light kits will now be available for U.S. customers. Beacons will need to be installed during pre-delivery inspections.
End-cap aspirators
  • End-cap aspirators will be added in base on all machines and plumbing options.
Onboard air
  • Onboard air is now standard on all machines due to customer demands and increased machine performance. There will no longer be an option for less onboard air when ordering.
Wheels and tires
  • A 380/80R38 R1W Alliance Tire has been added into base on the machine. The 380/80R38 Firestone® is still available.
  • Option code numbers for all tires have been updated to align across all models.

4 Series Sprayers: R4030 and R4038
Ag Management Solutions (AMS)
  • The SF1/SF2 AutoTrac™ activations have now been combined into a single AutoTrac activation.
Cab and controls
  • CommandView™ II cab is now the CommandView II PLUS cab, which designates a cab optimized for application equipment customers. Updates for model year 2015 machines include laminated glass, which will drive for additional noise reduction (approximately 3 decibels), as well as the capability of adding a field-installed refrigerator.
Target fill
  • New for model year 2015 sprayers equipped with the Solution Command System, the target fill feature gives operators the ability to enter a specific tank fill volume from the side-fill 12–button keypad. Initiated by the onboard solution pump, the system utilizes a tank float sensor to measure the volume being loaded into the solution tank and automatically stops filling when the tank has reached the desired volume.
Wheels and tires - R4030 and R4038
  • A new IF320/105R46 Alliance tire will now be available for both the R4030 and R4038 in addition to the tires that are currently available.
  • Flotation fenders are now available for R4030/R4038 machines running 520/85R38 or 620/70R38 flotation tires.
  • Option code numbers for all tires have been updated to align across all models.

4 Series Sprayer: R4045
  • The 4940 is being replaced by the R4045. This product is the largest in the 4 Series Sprayer lineup and will provide customers the ability to cover more ground at faster speeds.
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