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Model year 2015 loader changes

John Deere Tractor

Model year 2015 loader changes  
New base codes

The following loaders will have new base codes to allow for better configurations of the loaders:


Old base code

New base code













Compact utitlity tractor loader updates:

- for customers wanting to order a D120 with a quik-attach bucket, the D120 can now be ordered without the bucket (previous configuration was pin-on). This makes it possible to order quik-attach attachments without ordering an extra, unneeded bucket.

D160 - as mentioned in the August 20 3E Series Tractor Update, all 3E Tractors will now feature a downward exhaust rather than a vertical exhaust. The side brace on the older model loaders are not compatible with the downward exhaust tractors. A new side brace has been designed with a new shape, a bend in the middle, to allow for compatibility on both downward and vertical exhaust tractors. All D160s are now being built with the new braces (part numbers W58015 and W58016). Dealers with older model loaders not yet installed on tractors will need to install the loaders on vertical exhaust tractors or order the new side brace to install on downward exhaust tractors.

D170 - attachment kits (BW16448 for 4M and BW16491 for 4R) to convert to third function are now available to order from Parts.

H180 - two new options available:

  • Loader suspension (option code 9540)
  • Single-point hydraulic connection (option code 4400)

These two options give added comfort and performance, making loader work easier and faster.

Utility and ag loader updates:

553 and 562
- with the H240 now available in mechanical self-leveling (MSL) and non self-leveling (NSL) for all 5E Tractors (both 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder) pricing for the 553 and 562 has moved to availability limited to dealer inventory.

512 - with the introduction of 3-cylinder 5E Final Tier 4 (FT4) Tractors, the 512 Loader will need to be built slightly wider. There will now be a configuration option code to select a build for non FT4 tractors (2501) or FT4 tractors (2502).

The loader installed on the FT4 tractors will not use the loader-mounted single-lever control. This will require dealers to order and install a field-installed mid valve and joystick on the tractor and price the tractor/loader accordingly when quoting for a customer. The 512 Loader will continue to be compatible with the two-wheel drive (2WD) tractors only.

H240 - the H240 will have new hydraulic codes to replace older brackets and hoses to prevent interference with tractor components. The skid steer carrier (option code 7710 BW16727) will be open 1 November 2014.

H260 - new H260 Loader configurator file is now available in the sales manual to ensure orders are properly configured with the parts/kits that are needed. This file is similar to the joystick configurator on the larger loaders. The configurator asks for the build of the tractor and shows what all is needed to configure the loader order.

With new 5M FT4 Tractors, the H260 and H310 have new hydraulic hose codes. Dealers need to be sure to order these codes or attachments when configuring loaders for 5M FT4 Tractors.

H310 - effective immediately, all new orders of the H310 MSL will no longer be compatible with 5M Tractors. Dealers with current inventory can still use a 5M Tractor with a H310 MSL loader.

H360 and H380 Loaders - with the launch of the FT4 Large-Frame 6R Tractors (6175R, 6195R, and 6215R), the H360 and H380 Loaders are now available with new options codes made specifically for fitting up to these tractors. They include mounting frame, hydraulic hoses and controls, hydraulic connection, and loader suspension system codes.

Effective Date : 28-Oct-2014
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