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Model year 2015 planter updates

John Deere Planter

Model year 2015 planter updates  
Option code changes
  • All option codes have changed. A master document is in the Ag Sales Manual under Compatibility/Supplemental Information section titled model year 2015 Option Code Guide
Name and numbering convention
  • Retain 17XX Series frame numbering as frames will not change
  • Take the opportunity to launch new model numbers to showcase a new line of planters from John Deere
  • Align the new model numbers with MaxEmerge™ 5 row units by moving to 17X5-Series Planters
  • Retain configuration letters (e.g., NT) on certain models for commonality to current
  • Move from TR to T to designate twin-row frame to align with row-unit naming convention
MaxEmerge 5
  • MaxEmerge XP and Pro-Series XP™ have been merged into one common meter design for optimum productivity, increased uptime, and lower cost of operation, called MaxEmerge 5. Available on all planter models.
  • Seed tube technology designed for speeds ~5 mph (8.04 km/h)
  • Six different configurations
    • 1.6-bu hopper
    • 1.6-bu hopper with insecticide
    • 3-bu hopper
    • 2-bu hopper
    • Mini-hopper
    • Mini-hopper with insecticide (New)
  • Advancements
  • Straight inlet from Central Commodity System (CCS™) hose into mini-hopper
  • New vacuum air source on CCS Planters, drawing vacuum from inside the CCS tank, reducing debris in the meter
  • New and improved double eliminator adjustment, customize the double eliminator with multiple settings between 0 and 10
  • Hopper shut-off valve on 3-bu and 1.6-bu hoppers for quick and easy access to the meter without emptying the hoppers
  • Granular chemical capability with CCS machines, plus Pro-Shaft™ drive on chemical box option
  • Redesigned the seed pool within the meter that now can achieve improved population and singulation in slopes up to 14 degrees
  • This planter breaks the link between planting precision and planting speed that exists with all other planter products on the market today. Customers are free to choose their desired speed up to 10 mph (16.09 km/h) for a huge productivity boost and yield bump, while achieving even higher levels of precision than ever before.
  • Available as an option on all 1775NT and 1795 Planters, for corn and soybeans
  • Features:
    • Electric drive – dual 56-V motors on every row controlled independently by a row unit controller. One motor controls the meter, the other the BrushBelt™
    • Seed bowl disk – concave design provides a smooth, controlled hand off to the BrushBelt
    • Trench-delivery system – the cartridge that houses the AccuRate™ sensor and BrushBelt. Controls the seed from release off the seed bowl disk until the release from the BrushBelt just 2 in. (5.08 cm) from the bottom of the trench
    • Speed matching – seeds are released in a rearward trajectory that matches the forward ground speed of the planter. Resulting in a dead drop in the center of the trench with no bounce, no roll.
    • SeedStar™ 3 HP – a new, more user-friendly interface with easier navigation and functionality. Now perform pre-season full planter run-offs or individual row run-offs to make sure the planter is ready to plant right when the weather breaks
  • Agronomic story - increased speed is only the beginning of the ExactEmerge legacy. The ability to accurately place seed with unheard of CoV results at a variety of speeds gives corn the proper spacing to maximize yield. Pair that with standard active pneumatic downforce for the ability to maintain proper depth for seed to soil contact and uniform emergence many dream about.
DB Planters
  • John Deere purchased some assets of Bauer Built Manufacturing. The acquisition included the designs, intellectual property, equipment, inventory, and manufacturing facility of the DB Planter line, not the entire Bauer Built Manufacturing business.
  • All option codes including those offered by Bauer Built Manufacturing previously will be available in model year 2015
  • The complete DB Planter may now be ordered through configurator with one invoice to the dealer
Bauer customs
  • Since not all assets of Bauer Built Manufacturing were purchased, we have an agreement to offer custom planters to continue to be offered in model year 2015.
  • Model year 2015 will have limited availability and placing an order does not guarantee the machine will be built
  • Bauer Built Manufacturing will build frames with John Deere completion packages
  • The ordering process:
    • Dealer contacts Bauer Built Manufacturing with a Bauer custom configuration requested by a customer
      • Contact David Maach at (515) 968-4179
    • Bauer Built Manufacturing and John Deere review request, accept, or decline the ability to make machines
    • Bauer Built Manufacturing communicates the decision to dealer, if approved, Bauer Built Manufacturing provides frame price and John Deere base code plus option codes
    • Dealer reviews with customer and place order within JDMINT
    • Bauer Built Manufacturing and John Deere review the order again, if correct order is sourced
    • Once an order is sourced, it cannot be cancelled
    • An FDD will generate, but this will be the date that the completion package will ship to Bauer
    • Bauer Built Manufacturing will negotiate a delivery date with customer and send a confirmation sheet for dealer to sign and return to Bauer Built Manufacturing via email
    • FDD will be updated to reflect the date that the completion package ships to Bauer Built Manufacturing plus four weeks
    • Configuration changes may be requested by contacting Bauer Built Manufacturing, however they are not guaranteed
    • John Deere will invoice separately for completion package when machine ships from Bauer Built Manufacturing
    • Bauer Built Manufacturing will invoice for frame and their services when machine ships
  • Orthman™-built bar for an 8-row twin-row configuration with John Deere completion package
  • MaxEmerge 5 meters with 2-bu hoppers
  • Variable rate drive with two hydraulic drive motors
  • 36–in. (91.4-cm) and 38-in. (96.5-cm) row spacings
  • Pneumatic down force and SeedStar 2 compatibility
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