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Introducing the R4045 - Building toward the complete portfolio

John Deere Sprayer

Introducing the R4045 – Building toward the complete portfolio  
Application equipment customers continue to demand more out of their machines as far as productivity, comfort, and ease of use. The new R4045, which meets these customer needs plus so much more, replaces the 4940 and is now available to order.

The introduction of this new sprayer continues to build toward the complete application portfolio which debuted last year with the introduction of the R4030 and R4038. This new machine, redesigned from the ground up, expands the 4 Series Sprayer lineup by offering customers new and improved features, enables greater machine performance, more uptime, and reduced cost of operation.

The R4045 4500-L (1200-gal.) Sprayer features a 9.0L PowerTech™ Plus PSS Final Tier 4 engine with 346 engine horsepower and hydrostatic drive that can operate up to 40 kph (25 mph) in the field and 56 kph (35 mph) in transport, which is 8 kph (5 mph) faster than the machine that it replaces.
Additional features of the R4045 Sprayer include:
  • 4 Series Sprayer boom with swing-link suspension - Available in lengths of 27 m (90 ft), 30 m (100 ft), and 36 m (120 ft) to meet varying customers need. This boom is more stable than ever, delivering consistent height above crop. Additionally, the redesigned boom folds up to 15 seconds faster and is equipped with auto boom fold.
  • CommandView™ II PLUS cab - Standard or the optional premium cab both offer wider side door opening for easier access, more glass for greater visibility, and more space for added comfort. The ComfortCommand™ seat has both side-to-side (lateral) and up-down (vertical) attenuation for greater stability and comfort to enhance productivity. The cab also features an ergonomically designed hydro handle and easy to use controls, all within easy reach of the operator
  • Smooth, stable ride - Dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension cushions the operator from rough field conditions and helps improve productivity.
  • Dry spinner spreader compatibility - Expanded productivity to three seasons, fall/winter, spring pre-plant, and post-emerge, with the addition of the NL200G4 or NL300G4 dry spinner spreader. This conversion increases machine uptime, generating revenue more days of the year.
  • Solution Command System (SCS) - Push-button, automated machine loading with the industry-exclusive target fill systems delivers ease of use by reducing operator interaction and delivering an exceptional fill every time with all operators. A manual loading option is also available.
  • Direct injection compatibility - Lower the risk associated with using multiple chemicals as operators can isolate higher residual risk chemicals in the injection system, while mixing lower risk chemicals in the solution tank.
  • Load Command™ ready - Drive home productivity by filling the 4500-L (1,200-gal.) solution tank in as little as 3.5 minutes with this industry-exclusive, high capacity loading system.
The increased capabilities of this machine will take the R4045 Sprayer to the next level in meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers while offering exceptional reliability and value.

For more information on the newest sprayer to enter the 4 Series model lineup, please attend the upcoming New Product Introduction Class in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, read through the Ag Sales Manual information, or attend the 4 Series Sprayer Distance Learning Module (DLM).
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