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Field cultivator option dependency update
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Field cultivator option dependency update  
A correction was recently made to fix two option code dependencies for 2210LL Field Cultivators. The wing-fold structure change will ensure that customers receive the appropriate structure to meet the needs of their harrow weight, while also avoiding any mounting interferences for dealers. The shank extender change will ensure that there is no interference when attaching the sweep to the shank.
1. Wing-fold structure
  • Heavy-duty wing-fold structure is not required for coil tine/spike tooth harrows. Compatibility issues may occur.
  • Heavy-duty wing-fold structure is required for and compatible with a rolling basket harrow.
2. Shank extenders are not compatible with Perma-Loc™ sweeps.

Wing-fold structure details

For all 2210 Level-lift™ Field Cultivators, coil tine (codes 6000 or 6010), or spike tooth (code 6025) harrow attachments are compatible with standard wing-fold structure only (code 5180). They are not compatible with the heavy-duty wing-fold structure (code 5190), nor is that necessary.

If the user is planning to equip the 2210 Level-lift Field Cultivator with a rolling basket harrow (codes 6015 or 6035) or another heavy harrow attachment, please order the heavy-duty wing-fold structure (code 5190) for all base codes. This is required due to the weight of the rear harrow attachment.

Shank extender details

Shank extenders (code 9398) are not compatible with Perma-Loc sweeps (codes 3037, 3039, 3047, 3049, 8330, or 8336). If a Perma-Loc sweep option is now selected, shank extenders would not be able to be selected.

Effective Date : 01-May-2014
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