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John Deere 6D Model


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Engine hp (power take-off
[PTO] hp)



Engine hp (PTO hp)





75 (60)





85 (70)


105 (87)



100 (85)


115 (95)



115 (100)


130 (105)





140 (115)




Customer value

The overlap of John Deere tractor models near the 100 hp level is vitally important. This horsepower range includes a wide variety of customer types, operations, and applications including in livestock, PTO applications, and loader requirements. Customers have a choice with John Deere tractors of which best fits their operations.

6D and 5M Series Tractors provide that diversity of choice.
Key value propositions 6D and 5M Series
6D performance
  • Ability to get power to the ground when you need it, along with the stability required especially in challenging field conditions
  • Lift capacity to handle heavy load requirements such as moving big bales
  • PTO, standard 540/1000 rpm capability
5M performance
  • Nimble, tight turning in confined areas
  • Enhanced comfort and ergonomic controls
  • Transmission flexibility for speed selection requirements based on application
  • PTO, standard 540/540E, field kit to upgrade to 540/540E/1000
Cost of Operation
  • Total fluid efficiency, economy PTO (ePTO) with 20 percent fuel saving in PTO applications*
*Calculated using NE Test data and average annual usage of 400 hours/yr diesel fuel at $3.95 per gal.




Product differentiation:
  • Tractor stability (weight and size)
  • Comfort (ergonomics, simplicity)
  • Scale of operation (size of operation and variety of tasks)
  • Ground clearance (tire size)
Round baler



Mower conditioner






Rotary cutter



Based on each scenario, which John Deere Tractor Series would be recommended?

Scenario 1:
Flat to gently rolling 100-acre cattle ranch
Equipment: 625 Mower Conditioner, 459 Round Baler, and MX10 Rotary Cutter
Requires loader to feed cattle, move bales, and has narrow width requirements
Customer appreciates comfort, convenience, and low cost of operation
Answer: 5M Series Tractor

A 5M Series Cab or Open-Operator Station (OOS) Tractor would be an ideal fit for this customer where a more narrow profile and maneuverability is a high priority. Packaged with an H260 Loader, this John Deere combination makes bale moving around tight barn corners and yards easy.

This customer prefers comfort, efficiency, and tries to conserve fuel. The 5M ePTO provides the perfect advantage to minimize operating costs. Pair that with transmission choices that include up to 32 forward and 16 reverse gears to dial in desired power and speed preferences. With plenty of engine and hydraulic power to fit the applications, the 5M Series Tractor is the right choice for this customer.

Scenario 2:
Hilly terrain 160-acre cow/calf and haying operation, plus 140 acres custom cut and bale
Equipment: 630 Mower Conditioner, 569 Round Baler, HX15 Rotary Cutter
Requires a loader to feed cattle, scrape lots, and move bales
Price-conscious customer
Answer: 6D Series Tractor

The advantages of a 6D Tractor combined with a H310 Loader would meet and exceed the expectations for this customer.

The 6D provides the PTO hp and hydraulic capacity required to operate the customer’s line of equipment in challenging terrain.

With approximately 10,000 lb tractor weight, wide tread setting, and a wheelbase of 96.5 in., this tractor provides the stability in the hills that this customer expects along with moving, loading, and lifting those big round bales.



Ask the right questions. Determine appropriate customer requirements – these might include comfort, variety of speed selection, ground clearance, wheelbase, or stability.

John Deere offers the customer a choice and provides a series of tractors based on their operation, application, and comfort needs.
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