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Poor meter performance = lost yield
John Deere Service

Poor meter performance = lost yield Let Cross Implement Help

Let Us Run Your Meters on Our Test Stand for only $30/row and You will Qualify for a 10% Discount on Needed Meter Parts*

You should be getting 98% or better accuracy from your meters, but typical meters run at only 92%-97%. When each additional percentage point is worth another bushel or two for every acre, there’s plenty of room for improvement.
What’s the accuracy on your meters?  

The meter is adjusted – cleaned, balanced and repaired as necessary – and tested again, until all the errors are eliminated and your lost yield is restored. Past experience shows an average 5.7 bushel-per-acre improvement.

Don’t put it off. 

Stop by and Let us run your Meters to restore the yield you’re losing now.

*Offer Valid thru February 2014 @ Cross Implement Minier

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