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Feb 21 9:00 Spring Meeting @ the Dealership
John Deere Service


2014 Spring Planting Clinic

WHEN: Friday, February 21st @ 9AM
RSVP: Contact Lucas 888-850-4249 or
WHERE: Cross Implement, Minier, IL





9:00-9:30 Coffee and Doughnuts
One-on-One with Technicians

9:30-10:00 New Planter Unveiling
Jay Haning—John Deere Service Representative
What’s new—ExactEmerge vs. Max Emerge 5
Plant 10mph ACCURATE DEPTH and singulation
New technology and updates

10:15-10:45 My John Deere
John Hogan—John Deere Farmsight Regional Manager
My John
Wireless Data Options

11:00-11:30 AMS Updates
Jim Schwoerer/Jason Frerichs
Data Policy
Swath Pro / Itec Pro
Remote Display

11:30-12:00 Technical Hands-On
Russ Farnsworth/Mike Deterding
Planter/Walkaround Hookup
Display Setup
Testing Planter Units - Dave Morey
Remote Display


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