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AMS software update 2014-1 now available

John Deere Farmsight


AMS software update 2014-1 now available (Revised 10 February 2014)

With the release of software update 2014-1 (SU14-1), Ag Management Solutions (AMS) provides information about the following:

Updates to GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display ...
Enhancements to John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton and John Deere Mobile Weather accuracy.
NOTE: This announcement serves as an abbreviated version of the full release information. See release notes for complete list of all changes offered in SU14-1 and detailed technical information.

Displays: GreenStar 3 2630

John Deere Wireless Data Transfer and John Deere Machine Sync Compatibility – Wireless Data Transfer will now resume previously selected data transfer settings that were enabled before the machine communication radio was connected to the Machine Sync Network. The operator will be able to resume automatic file transfer after disconnecting from the network if their previously selected data transfer settings were automatic, saving them the effort of reinitiating the data transfer. Wireless Data Transfer is currently in limited release, with full availability February 2014.

Third-party farm management software compatibility – Global.ver file has been added to wirelessly-transferred documentation data, allowing a user to import documentation data into third-party farm management software programs. This feature will provide added flexibility to how the operator utilizes documentation data with third-party vendors.
Improved display refresh rate and Controller Area Network (CAN) message optimization – GreenStar 3 2630 Display will update on-screen images faster when connected to John Deere controllers such as improved SeedStar™ 2/XP monitoring. Operators can now change pages and operate multiple settings and controls while connected to controllers at a faster rate increasing uptime in their operations.
Turn on/off times communicated to Raven Sidekick Pro™ ISO – John Deere Section Control turn on/off times are now communicated from the GreenStar 3 2630 Display to the Raven Sidekick Pro ISO pumps used for direct injection applications with the GreenStar Rate Controller and on factory or field-installed John Deere direct injection systems for the R4030, R4038, and 4940 sprayers. This functionality increases the accuracy of the chemical application, documentation totals, and the as applied maps on the GS3 2630 Display.

John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton, John Deere Mobile Weather

John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton data fields – Operators can now associate cotton gins with their documentation data providing improved recording efficiencies with their harvest data. New data fields have been created for additional cotton harvest documentation, including Gin ID and Client ID. Additionally, client, farm, field, variety, operator, and machine (PIN) will now be automatically populated by HarvestDoc™, if utilized with a GreenStar 3 2630 Display.

John Deere Mobile Weather global positioning system (GPS) accuracy – John Deere Mobile Weather will now be able to utilize the StarFire™ Receiver GPS information to perform wind speed and direction calculations. This will improve accuracy at slow speeds (<6 Km/h, 3.5 mph). Operators can get more accurate weather data at slower speeds; increasing the accuracy of weather data needed for making agronomic decisions.

Raven Sidekick Pro is a trademark of Raven Industries Incorporated.

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