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New and updated model year 2014 product features: Matching solutions to producers' harvesting needs

John Deere Combine

Model year 2014 John Deere S-Series Combines, 600 Series platforms and headers continue to deliver innovative technology, distinctive quality, unmatched reliability, and definitive performance. A new combine is introduced to the John Deere model line-up, as well as a new 600FD Flex Draper Platform, to better meet the increasing demand for diversity and customization options for producers. John Deere is committed to achieving maximum performance, uptime, and reduced cost of operation in regards to John Deere products to fulfill the producer’s harvesting needs.

Introducing the S650 S-Series Combine
The S650 is John Deere’s new Class 5, wide-body, S-Series Combine
S650 Combine operating in-field
The S650 has many built-in performance, safety, service, and reliability features to make harvesting easier for the small to medium size producer.

S650 S-Series Combine
The 630FD Flex Draper Platform joins the Flex Draper model line-up
630FD HydraFlex™ Draper Platform
John Deere introduces the 630FD to increase producers' productivity and maximize their harvest. The 630FD features a steel tine reel option which is ideal for rice harvesting.

630FD HydraFlex Draper Platform
Increased 9.0 L engine hp with Final Tier 4
The model year 2014 S-Series Combines are equipped with a Final Tier 4 engine. Along with this transition, a power increase has been achieved in the 9.0L engines within the S660 and S670 model year 2014 models.

John Deere engine speed management
In-cab road mode engage funtion
Engine speed management consists of new engine software that has been added to model year 2014 combines equipped with the ProDrive™ transmission. When the combine is in transport mode, the software limits the engine to a lower rpm but will still reach full transport speed. This results in an increased fluid economy of up to 15 percent, in addition to decreased noise both in and out of the cab during transport.

John Deere engine speed management
36-in. tracks now available
High-idler 36-in. tracks
The unique high-idler design offers increased floatation and reduced compaction. The 36-in. tracks maintain a uniform belt tension and superior climbing ability.

John Deere 36-in. S-Series combine tracks
EvenMax cleaning system
EvenMax cleaning system

The S-Series EvenMax cleaning shoe consists of a conveyor auger system and a dual adjust chaffer. It delivers even distribution over channel width and achieves maximum separation in the front area of the chaffer.

Benefits of the EvenMax cleaning shoe

New 8-wing beater design for the variable stream rotor feed accelerator
Variable stream standard grain feed accelerator
The variable stream rotor feed accelerator features an 8-wing beater that promotes increased material handling capabilities in high-yielding and tough crop conditions.

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New tire options
Duals on a S690 S-Series Combine

John Deere understands how important it is to offer multiple options to our producers 
where tires are concerned. Every year, John Deere accesses the needs of our
producers and continuously strive to match the varying harvesting conditions.

580 Duals

710_65R29 R2 Goodyear® rear tires


Cab updates and improvements
John Deere is commited to increasing the operator’s harvesting efficiency through
added comfort, convenience, and technology. Below are the cab updates for model year
2014 S-Series cabs.
Interactive Combine Adjustment
Interactive Combine Adjust
In model year 2014, all S-Series will feature Interactive Combine Adjustment. Interactive Combine Adjustment can help inexperienced operators to become more skilled in the harvesting operation. The combine operator is able to select an area of their combine that they would like to improve such as losses/grain quality and the combine will recommend adjustments to better optimize the combine.

Interactive Combine Adjustment
New enhanced features for improving reliability and capability of JDLink™
Operator utilizing JDLink

New features will be added to JDLink Ultimate as they become available as part of
regular JDLink updates. These features will require no additional subscription
purchase. Please refer to the link below for further details on the JDLink functionality

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