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Introducing the 2014 John Deere 8 Family of Tractors

John Deere Tractor

The new 8R Series Tractors range from 245 engine hp to 370 engine hp*, while the 8RT Series tractors range from 320 engine hp to 370 engine hp, each with the option of an additional 35 engine hp through Intelligent Power Management (IPM). The new 8R Series continues to be the leader of large row crop tractors by evolving with the demands of our customers. Intuitive controls, integrated technology, and performance improvements deliver new levels of efficiency, comfort, and value.

* Rated engine at 2100 engine RPM (97/68EC) PS

8R/RT Series Horsepower

360 engine hp

370 engine hp

335 engine hp

345 engine hp

310 engine hp

320 engine hp

285 engine hp

295 engine hp

260 engine hp

270 engine hp

235 engine hp

245 engine hp

360 engine hp

370 engine hp

335 engine hp

345 engine hp

310 engine hp

320 engine hp


All 8R/8RT models are equipped with a new Final Tier 4 (FT4)-compliant 9.0L PowerTech™ PSS engine delivering up to 370 engine hp. This engine features increased power, an enhanced high pressure common rail, and dual turbochargers. These features provide customers with maximized total fluid efficiency.

Tractor Models

Transmission offering 8245R 8270R 8295R 8320R 8345R 8370R 8320RT 8345RT 8370RT
16-speed PowerShift X X X X          
AutoPowr IVT X X X X X X X X X
*e23™ transmission will be available for all 8R/8RT tractors during model year 2015

The proven 16-speed automatic PowerShift transmission and Infinitely Variable Transmission (AutoPowr™/IVT™) are offered on late model year 2014 8R Series Tractors while the IVT transmission is offered on the 8RT Series tractors.

The new 8R/8RT Series Tractors also feature new IVT improvements. The IVT includes new capabilities like pedal mode and eco settings. Pedal mode which has previously been available on 6R Series Tractors IVT, allows operators to change the ground speed independent of the engine speed. The all-new eco feature can help improve fluid efficiency by affecting how the tractor reacts to throttle and speed commands. With eco mode on, the tractor tries to keep the engine speed as low as possible to maximize efficiency. With eco off, the tractor reacts more aggressively to maintain productivity.
Operator station
CommandView III cab with CommandARM
CommandView III cab refrigerator
The 8R/8RT Series Tractors feature the new CommandView ™ III cab, which builds off the industry-leading CommandView II cab. As operators continue to spend longer days in the cab, the CommandView III cab delivers the ultimate in operator comfort including 40 degrees of seat swivel to the right, enabled by a redesigned CommandARM™ and new CommandCenter™. The CommandView III cab also features an optional actively-cooled refrigerator, and optional heated leather seats with carpet floor mat. In addition, operators will notice a quieter working environment thanks to a laminated glass front windshield.
CommandARM and CommandCenter
All new CommandARM
With the redesigned CommandARM, operators have all tractor controls at the tip of their fingers. From the placement of primary tractor functions like throttle, transmission speed and direction, hitch, and hydraulics to creature comfort controls like heating ventilation air-conditioning (HVAC) and radio, the new CommandARM was designed with the operator in mind. Controls are intuitively and ergonomically placed, including the all new CommandCenter integrated at the end of the CommandARM.

The new CommandCenter comes with a 10 in. display on all 8R/8RT models. By integrating tractor functions with Ag Management Solutions (AMS) capabilities, the new CommandCenter is intuitive, customizable, and easy to operate. Operators now have the ability to create multiple customized run pages to fit their operations. These run pages can be accessed easily by swiping a finger across the display screen while operating the tractor.
Tires and axles

The 8R Series Tractors offer a 25 percent increase in steering capacity for Independent-Link Suspension (ILS™) and 1500 Series mechanical front-wheel drive (MFWD) front axles. This step up in steering capacity allows for an improved ability to turn at lower speeds – especially while utilizing front duals.

New for 8R Series Tractors, group 49 tires will be available for late model year 2014 tractors. Group 49 tires have a larger diameter footprint, which results in greater traction and greater load carrying capacity due to the larger air volume group 49 tires provide.

To ease the task of ballasting 8R Series Tractors, there is a new 970-kg (2,138-lb) wheel weight package available for late model year 2014 8R Series Tractors. The weight package consists of a 70-kg (154-lb) starter weight that mounts on the outside of the dual wheel and provides guide lugs for installation of the 900-kg weight. This system provides an installation process that allows for weight to be quickly added to the tractor when the application calls for it, and removed when not needed to reduce compaction and total fluid consumption.

The 8R/8RT Series Tractors now offer Light-emitting diode (LED) lights as the premium lighting option. LED lights provide 40 percent more coverage than high-intensity discharge (HID) while using 45 percent less amperage. These new lights have an extended expected life.
All late model year 2014 8R/8RT Tractors come standard with an 85-cc displacement integrated hydraulic pump. This pump provides 227 L/min (60 gpm) of hydraulic flow. A dual pump option is also available for all 8R Wheel Tractors and features an 85-cc and 35-cc pump, delivering 321 L/min (85 gpm) of hydraulic flow.

The 321 L/min (85 gpm) option allows the tractor to deliver high flow rates with a reduced engine speed, which lowers fluid consumption and allows for a quieter operator station. While running a planter for instance, the planter would be able to maintain vacuum while turning and raising a planter at end rows at a reduced engine rpm when compared to a lower capacity pump.

New for the late model year 2014, 8R/8RT Series Tractors can be ordered with one 3/4 in. high-flow coupler. This option will increase maximum selective control valve (SCV) flow rate from 132.5 L/min (35 gpm) to 159 L/min (42 gpm). The larger SCV coupler will always be located in position one.

The new 8R/8RT Series Tractors come with several valuable offerings including: more horsepower, expanded tire options, increased right-hand seat swivel, a redesigned CommandARM, improved steering capacity, a new 10 in. CommandCenter, an easy-to-use ballasting option, and more.

The refined capabilities of the 8R/8RT Series Tractors, combined with the best dealer network in the industry, bring improved levels of productivity and value to John Deere customers.
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