Great Deal on 50 Series John Deere Combine Lease From $12,900/y* $65/h*
John Deere Used

JDFS Lease

Want to Maximize the Harvest Window?
Try our Exclusive JDFS Combine Lease

Top Benefits to Our Low Rate Combine Lease

-Central Illinois Quality Machines: The majority of our combines are owner operated units that we sold new with unmatched quality.

- Known Annual Payment: Tired of those unexpected high dollar repairs. Our program can  address this risk.

-Year Round Access to John Deere Combine: Unlike our competition you don't have to worry whether or not you are going to have a combine to harvest when you need it. Our lease eliminates this worry.

-Reconditioned Combine: We specialize in combines and are have over 20 John Deere Factory Trained Technicians. We know equipment and it shows.

-Fully Serviced Units: Most of our units are fully serviced per the manual with fluid analysis performed to head off issues before they start.

-Qualify for Seasonal Deere Parts Discount @ Cross Implement Minier- Need Deere Parts? We have got you covered. Ask about our Parts Bundling Program and Save.

-Need Help With Delivery or Insurance? We have great options let us help.

Check Out Our Current Available Units Starting @ $12,900/y $65/h

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