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John Deere Farmsight Field Connect Update from Cross Implement

John Deere Farmsight

Water management continues to be an important factor in crop production. John Deere has added new environmental sensors to its successful John Deere Field Connect solution to provide additional information for the decision making process. The environmental sensors are:

  • John Deere Field Connect Weather Station
    • The weather station collects air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and humidity data. This data can be used in water management decisions through input to evapotranspiration calculations, as well as applied to settings for spray applications.
  • John Deere Field Connect Leaf Wetness Sensor
    • The leaf wetness sensor imitates the characteristics of a leaf and is able to detect small amounts of water or ice. This enables producers to identify when moisture is likely to be present on the leaves of a crop in a specific field. Prolonged moisture on leaf surfaces can lead to higher risks of disease.
  • John Deere Field Connect Temperature Sensor
    • Monitor soil, air, and water temperatures through the use of the temperature probe attachment. Temperatures of the soil and air can make a difference in the effectiveness of chemical applications and provide key indications of frost events. This attachment allows for site specific temperature data.
    • It is important to order a temperature probe shield (BPFR10613) to place on the temperature probe for air temperature applications. This shield protects the probe from direct sunlight and provides a more accurate temperature reading.
    • It is a common practice to use multiple temperature probes at varying heights to monitor inversion layers for freeze detection and warnings.
  • John Deere Field Connect Pyranometer
    • The pyranometer attachment provides solar radiation information to the producer. This information is a key component in evapotranspiration calculations, which can help producers to make irrigation scheduling decisions. Solar radiation may also be used to understand periods of cloudy conditions which impact plant growth and development. In addition, this information is useful in timing of fertilizer application in certain crops.
  • John Deere Field Connect Rain Gauge
    • By utilizing the rain gauge attachment, users can get a field specific picture of the effect precipitation events are having on their soil moisture. In overhead irrigation installations, the rain gauge can be used to evaluate how much of the water is being lost to evaporation and other environmental factors.

All sensors are installed in customer fields on the John Deere Field Connect Gateway and transmits the data to a website that users can access remotely.

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