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John Deere AMS Farmsight 2013 Updates

John Deere Farmsight

John Deere AMS software update 2013-1 now available 

John Deere AMS Farmsight     

With the release of software update 2013-1, John Deere Ag Management Solutions (AMS) provides following information:

 NOTE: This announcement serves as an abbreviated version of the full release information. See release notes located at John Deere StellarSupport™ for more detailed technical information.

John Deere Guidance

John Deere AutoTrac™ Adaptive Curve gap fill

 When operating with documentation as the selected source for John Deere Adaptive Curve generation,

John Deere Adaptive Curve mode will now connect line segments, even when documentation is briefly disabled.

If a John Deere header is briefly raised on a self-propelled forage harvester (SPFH) or combine, John Deere Adaptive Curve mode will now fill in the distance between the two guidance line segments.

 John Deere AutoTrac Circle Track distance to center

A distance-to-center calculation has been added as an optional feature for John Deere Circle Track on the

John Deere GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display. This feature is a real-time calculation of current distance from the center of the pivot. This feature enables John Deere Circle Track customers to identify the outermost guidance line of their circle and work inward.

 Competitive guidance line creator

 Producers who originally created straight track guidance lines with competitive systems can now create new guidance lines on the John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display. The lines created use similar calculations that created the competitive lines. This feature is designed to acknowledge differences in how

John Deere and non-John Deere guidance lines are calculated, allowing producers to use John Deere AutoTrac in situations previously not feasible.

 NOTE: This feature is not a converter and does not allow for non-John Deere guidance lines to be imported into the John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display.

Swap Track enhancements.

Swap Track can now swap between four existing guidance lines within the same field on the

John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display. Users can now rearrange the order of the tracks while John AutoTrac is engaged.

 John Deere Machine Sync speed sensitivity

 New John Deere Machine Sync settings for the follower allows the operator the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the speed of the machine to enable optimal follower performance. Being able to correctly adjust sensitivity improves overall John Deere Machine Sync performance and steering stability.

Field and crop management

 John Deere Mobile Weather wind speed averaging

Wind-speed averaging is a new feature that calculates an average wind-speed value to help control how the wind speed value changes when refreshed on the display. The operator can now set the average wind speed calculation time to a value between 1 to 30 seconds. Longer intervals should reduce fluctuations in the displayed wind speed.

John Deere GreenStar Rate Controller Raven Sidekick Pro™ ISO compatibility

The John Deere GreenStar Rate Controller is now compatible with the Raven Sidekick Pro ISO direct injection pump in a means to apply pre/post-emergence herbicides on sprayers and nitrogen stabilizers on liquid fertilizer and NH3 applicators.  This enhancement reduces cab clutter by integrating the John Deere GreenStar 2630 Display with the Raven direct injection pumps via the John Deere GreenStar Rate Controller. It allows the operator to spend more time in the field and cover more acres per day, ultimately saving money, effort, and time.

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