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2012 John Deere 612c 608c Series Cornhead

John Deere Combine

The 2012 608C Corn Heads have been redesigned from the ground up. 608C Corn Heads provide the high-capacity and productivity features for which growers are looking. These updated corn heads deliver durability and dependability second to none, plus innovative designs and technology that deliver distinct advantages:

  • Higher levels of performance when harvesting standing, down, or leaning crops.
  • Takes in less material, increasing separation and throughput, allowing growers to better utilize the higher levels of capacity of the John Deere combines.
  • Increased residue management capabilities with more aggressive, longer-lasting knife rolls.

Gathering chains designed for increased life


 John Deere 608c Cornhead Chains

600C Row Unit

John Deere 612c Cornhead Row Unit

The massive gathering chains are based on a CA620 chain design. After the initial stretch of this chain, the operator can expect increased chain life and once a season adjustment.

Attached to the gathering chain are conveying lugs. The gathering chain is exposed at the front of the row unit to enable better gather of down corn, while the attachment link profile reduces trash intake and shelling loss.

Idler sprocket on 600C Corn Head

The idler sprockets were redesigned to distribute chain load and increase chain life. The new idler bearing contains a triple lip seal plus an additional sealed outer steel shroud for greatly increased bearing protection.

Chain guide on 600C

The chain guides have been redesigned with a raised roller surface to ensure gathering chains roll on the profile of the guide. Running on the rollers of the chain increases overall system efficiency by reducing friction, which results in increased gathering chain life.


Intermeshing knife stalk rolls


 John Deere 612c Cornhead Intermeshing Rolls

Intermeshing stalk rolls

Intermeshing knife stalk rolls consist of six full-length blades that contact the crop. The blades cut, crimp, and break the stalks as they are pulled down through the rolls. The full-length blades provide total crop contact for maximum chopping and cutting action from the front to back.

  • More aggressive stalk processing than opposed rolls, especially designed for high-moisture corn
  • Provides a self-sharpening action as the blade wears
  • Less prone to plugging in tough, wet, or weedy conditions



 John Deere 612c Cornhead


The 600C Series Corn Head is designed to withstand the pressure placed on it in all field conditions.

The 600C features easy access to maintenance points and lets the operator finish quickly so they can resume harvesting and maximize productivity.

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