Best Selection of John Deere Combines for 2013 Harvest
John Deere Combine

Tired of those Nagging Repairs and Costly Downtime that You Battled in the 2012 Harvest. We Have the Answer.

John Deere Combine Lease

Try one of Our John Deere Rolling Combine Leases to Manage Your 2013 Harvest.  Our Best Selection of John Deere Combines is Now

Top Benefits to Our Low Rate Rolling Lease

-Central Illinois Quality Machines: The majority of our combines are owner operated units that we sold new with unmatched quality.

-Known Annual Payment:  Tired of those unexpected high dollar repairs.  Our program addresses this risk.

-Year Round Access to John Deere Combine: Unlike our competition you don't have to worry whether or not you are going to have a combine to harvest when you need it.  Our lease eliminates this worry.  

-Reconditioned John Deere Combine:  We specialize in combines and are have over 30 John Deere Factory Trained Technicians.  We know equipment and it shows.

-Fully Serviced John Deere Combine: Our John Deere Combines are fully serviced per the manual with fluid analysis performed to head off issues before they start.

-John Deere Powerguard Extended Warranty on Qualifying John Deere Combines- Most all of our program units come with Deere Extended Warranty to avoid large ticket repairs.   

-Qualify for Seasonal Deere Parts Discount @ Cross Implement Minier- Need John Deere Parts?  We have got you covered.  Ask about our John Deere Parts Bundling Program and Save.

-Need Help With Delivery or Insurance? We have great options let us help.

Visit Us @ for more Information or Call @ (888)8504249

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