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Maximize Your Planter Units With Our Precision MeterMax Test Stand
John Deere Service

Cross Implement in Minier Now Offering Planter Unit Calibration with Our New Precision Planting MeterMax Test Stand.

Maximize Your Planter Performance with Your Equipment Specialists @ Cross Implement for only $25/Row Plus Parts.

Meter calibration is the first step toward spacing perfection. Your Precision Planting dealer can use this diagnostic tool to evaluate the performance of your vac, air and finger meters. Worn parts? Large seed? Variable seed sizes? Seed coatings? Questions about optimum speed? The Meter Max test stand answers all of these questions. Your MeterMax technician can fine tune your meters to gain 2, 3 or 4 percent improvement in singulation. Based on our testing, for every one percent improvement in placement accuracy, you have the potential to earn an additional $5 per acre.

The MeterMax Calibration System

How do you know how well your meters are running? The MeterMax System and your Precision Planting dealer is the answer. The MeterMax System is a simple way to measure the ability of your meter to singulate seed. We mount your meter in the stand, fill it with the type and size of seed you plan to plant, and then record the performance based on your population and planting speeds.

Put your meters on a MeterMax and get precise seed spacing.

Here's how your certified MeterMax operator does it:

  • Clean, replace worn parts and properly balance the meter. Place a finger pickup or vacuum meter onto the stand
  • Add the specific seed size and weight corn that you intend to plant.
  • Set the Test Stand speed gauge to your planting speed.
  • Count the meter errors using advanced sensor technology.
  • Adjust the meter and retest until you've eliminated all meter errors.  

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