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New Gator?,,? XUV Crossover Utility Vehicles

John Deere Gator

So no one gets left behind, John Deere introduces the all-new 2012 Mid-Duty XUV 550s, featuring our lowest-priced four-wheel drive and the first-ever four-passenger Gators. The new John Deere Gator XUV 550 and 550 S4 crossover utility vehicles offer the off-road performance customers would expect in an XUV, along with greater comfort, unique versatility, and the ability to transport up to four people across the most challenging landscapes.

These new vehicles provide an unparalleled balance of off-road performance and work capability at a very affordable price. The new John Deere Gator XUV 550 and 550 S4 are a great complement to John Deere’s popular lineup of XUVs and offer the most comfortable way to get your customers, their crew, and all their supplies to those hard-to-reach destinations.
With a best-in-class, fully independent, double-wishbone suspension, the Gator XUV 550 and 550 S4 provide up to 9 in. of wheel travel and up to 10.5 in. of ground clearance to smooth out the ride. In addition, for the 550, choose from either standard high-back bucket seats or plush bench seats. The 550 S4 comes standard with two rows of bench seats.
Operators will not only appreciate the smooth ride, they will love the all-new ergonomically designed operator station. The development of these new Gators started in the operator’s station, so they offer ample leg room, storage, and dash-mounted, automotive-type controls.
The Gator XUV 550 and 550 S4 deliver mid-duty level capability with speed and ease. Being smaller, overall, compared to the heavy-duty XUVs, the 550 model easily fits in the bed of a standard pickup while both vehicles can carry up to 400 lb of gear in the cargo box.  Both models also have a top speed of 28 mph and four-wheel drive to quickly traverse all types of terrain. And with a 16-hp, 570-cc, air-cooled, V-twin gas engine, these units have greater speed and horsepower than most vehicles in their class.
For a larger crew and cargo flexibility, the 550 S4 provides rear seat flexibility. Two additional passengers can be transported in the rear seat, or if more cargo capacity is needed, the rear seat flips down in seconds to become a cargo rack.
The rear seat flexibility in the Gator XUV 550 S4 is truly innovative. The S4 can transport up to four people, but sometimes the customer will not need to transport that many people. In seconds, the rear seat can become useful, increasing cargo space up to 32 percent.
Meet the new 2012 Gator XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle lineup:
  • XUV 550
    • Seating capacity for two – starting with bench seat
    • 400-lb cargo capacity, 1100-lb towing capacity, and 800-lb payload capacity
    • Green/yellow and REALTREE HARDWOODS HD® camouflage color options
  • XUV 550 S4
    • Seating capacity for four
    • 400-lb cargo capacity, 1100-lb towing capacity, and 1200-lb payload capacity
    • Rear seat converts from a four-passenger vehicle to a two-passenger and back in seconds with the convertible cargo rack
    • Convertible cargo rack
      • 4.3-cu ft volume 
      • 200-lb capacity
      • Integrated attachment system
    • Green/yellow and REALTREE HARDWOODS HD camouflage color options
All-new common Gator mid-duty XUV Crossover vehicle features:
  • Fully independent front and rear suspension
    • 9 in. of front suspension travel  
    • 8 in. of rear  suspension travel
  • Seating options
    • Bench seat
    • High-back bucket seats – To be offered at a later date on the XUV 550
  • Brakes
    • Front dual-piston hydraulic-brake calipers – front and rear
    • Cross-drilled, stainless-steel rotors
  • Aggressive, modern styling
  • Cargo box
    • 8.9 cu ft of storage
    • Truck-style tailgate latch
    • Tilt handle on both sides of vehicle
    • One-piece, composite box with rigid steel ladder underpinning
    • Four internal tie downs and multiple external tie downs
    • Optional power lift, cargo box rails, mat, etc.
  • Wheel and tire options
    • 25-in. Terra Hawk AT all-terrain steel wheels
    • 25-in. Ancla M-T steel wheels
    • 25-in. Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 radials on black, silver, or yellow alloy wheels
  • All-terrain capability
    • XUV 550 ground clearance – 10.5 in.
    • XUV 550 S4 ground clearance – 9.3 in.
    • 4WD system
    • Sealed CVT drive case with high engine and CVT air intakes that keep water and debris out and prevent overheating
  • Sealed storage volume of 1.82 cu ft (0.052 cu m) with a large in-dash glove box and under-hood storage
  • Automotive-style dash with easy-to-use controls, switch locations for electrical attachments, sealed storage, cup holders, and 12-volt accessory outlet
  • Standard SAE- and OSHA-certified occupant protection system (OPS)
  • Over 75 new attachments to customize both vehicles
All-new accessories
  • Modular OPS Poly roof and full windshield builds into an OPS cab
    • Four OPS windshields to choose from – OPS glass windshield, OPS deluxe windshield (scratch resistance), OPS windshield, and OPS half windshield
  • Factory-installed packages
    • Protection package – Heavy-duty brush guard, OPS Poly roof, cargo box rails, and brake/taillight
    • Protection and utility package – Heavy-duty brush guard, OPS Poly roof, cargo box rails, brake/taillight, rear bumper, and 2-in. front receiver with recovery loops
  • Some additional attachments
    • 3000-lb Warn® winch
    • Heavy-duty fender guards
    • Bumper cover lights
    • Side wall extenders
    • Rear screen with headrest
    • Soft goods in black and camo – OPS organizer, covers, cabs, OPS roofs
Target customers
The primary target customers for the new Gator XUV are convenience transporters, people who move themselves and others, whether they are a governmental agency, municipality, school, or institution, professional landscape contractor, or homeowner. These customers desire speed and efficiency to assist them on the job or in having fun, and secondarily, great versatility. Quick acceleration, a comfortable occupant’s station, and highly tuned suspension system that provide superb ride quality will exceed requirements of convenience transporters.
The secondary target customers for the new Gator XUV are outdoor enthusiasts. These customers enjoy hunting, fishing, and trail riding, but they also have a need for a product to help them with land improvement projects. They desire high-powered engines, higher speeds, a great ride, and awesome terrain capability. This is exactly what they are going to receive with the new Gator XUVs.
Additional resources
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Gator XUV sales essentials training November 2011
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Prices can be viewed on JDMINT. Updated price pages will be available in the next Price Page publication.
The Gator XUV Crossover Utility Vehicle models will be available to order starting 30 August 2011 for Gold Star dealers and early November 2011 for the rest of the U.S. and Canada. Distribution will begin early November 2011 for the U.S. and Canada.
REALTREE HARDWOODS HD is a U.S.-registered trademark of Jordan Outdoor Enterprises Limited. Warn is a U.S.-registered trademark of Warn Industries Incorporated.

Gator XUV 550 shown in camo

Gator XUV 550 S4 shown in green/yellow


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