Tramline Management available with SU12-1
John Deere Farmsight

Tramline Management feature provides the possibility to setup and edit certain guidance lines as tramlines. Those lines will be highlighted in a separate color in the guidance screen. Tramline Management is available on the GreenStar™ 3 2630 in straight track mode, requiring software update 12-1.
Tramlines can be set and stored for each A-B line in the display. This allows the operator to:

  • Seed tramlines first
    • Ability to ensure that all tramlines are in the right spot
    • Reduce operator stress by allowing them to focus on other operations instead of monitoring correct tramline settings
  • Return to the field with another implement using the multiple working width
    • Easily identify and access the correct A-B line (tramline) to start the job
    • No need to count rows anymore
    • Reduce overlap to save inputs

Properly seeded and planted fields with accurate tramlines will make it easier to reduce inputs on all following field-activities.

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