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Model year 2012 Deere planter changes

Cross Implement Inc

The following customer-driven changes and improvements have been implemented on the model year 2012 lineup of row-crop planters.
1720™ CCS™ Twin-Row Planter

New 1720 CCS TR Planter

Twin-row design

John Deere has expanded its planter lineup to include a twin-row (TR) planter. The 1720 TR Planter offers 12 twin rows on either 36-in. or 38-in. spacings. This model includes a stack folding frame, CCS bulk fill, lift-assist wheels with optional hydraulic steering, and many other features and benefits. The 1720 TR 12 x 2 Planter design is focused on providing benefits of twin rows for producers in the southern and delta regions.
Deere-Bauer drive changes

Variable-rate drive motor

Due to the success and benefits offered from seed variable-rate drive (VRD) systems, all Deere-Bauer planters are now offered with a three-motor VRD system in base equipment. The VRD provides the ultimate planting productivity through three hydraulic motors that turn the seeding drive shaft.
Hydraulic control of the seeding drive allows for on-the-go seeding rate changes right from the SeedStar™ monitoring system inside the tractor cab. This change also discontinues the mechanical drive option on all Deere-Bauer models.
Seedstar™ XP monitoring system

SeedStar XP monitoring on GreenStar 2 2600

SeedStar XP seed singulation

The SeedStar XP monitoring system is now available for model year 2012 on the 1720 CCS 16 row, 1720 TR, 1720 16 row, and Deere-Orthman Planters. This expands the model offering and also includes 1770NT, 1770NT CCS, 1790, and Deere-Bauer Series Planters. SeedStar XP monitoring is a full-feature, color planting monitor used in conjunction with the GreenStar™ 2 family of displays.
Narrow row cleaner

Row cleaner

For MY2012 planters, there is a narrow-row cleaner option available for row spacings as narrow as 20 in. This expands the row tillage options for the 1730, 1790 24Row20, Deere-Bauer, and Deere- Orthman Planters.
SharkTooth® wheels are base equipment on the unit-mounted row cleaner. The swept-tooth design of the wheel provides a clear path for the row-unit openers while resisting residue buildup on the wheel. The screw adjustment knob is accessible through the top of the parallel arms, providing convenient access for adjustments.
Left hand unload option discontinued
1720 CCS and non-CCS 16-row planter will no longer offer option 7300, left-hand unload capability. All planters will be loaded at the factory to allow unloading from the right side of the trailer.
SharkTooth® is a U.S.-registered trademark of Yetter Manufacturing
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