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John Deere 2600 13" Accuracy Sf1 Used Package $9785
John Deere Farmsight

ohn Deere 2600 13" Accuracy Sf1 Used Package $9785 Includes

Used 2600 Display
Used SF1 Itc Receiver
SF1 Activation Key 

* This Package Is Subject to Availability of Used Components

State-of-the-art, 10.4-in. color, touch screen display
10.4-in. color touch screen display

10.4-in. color touch screen display

The GS2 2600 is a 10.4-in. color touch screen display. It features state-of-the-art, full-color screens that allow the operator to configure and simultaneously view multiple applications on one home page.

The GS2 2600 runs the GreenStar™ Basics software package, included in base equipment, which contains:
  • Parallel Tracking
  • Field Doc™
  • Map-based Prescriptions
  • Harvest Doc™
  • On-Screen Mapping

StarFire™ iTC is a 12-channel, dual-frequency differential GPS receiver featuring integrated Terrain Compensation

StarFire" iTC

StarFire™ iTC

StarFireTM  iTC is a twelve channel, dual-frequency differential GPS receiver with integrated Terrain Compensation (iTC). The integration eliminates the need for a stand-alone Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) for improved guidance performance.

Starfire iTC provides three different levels of accuracy. It can be upgraded to higher levels of accuracy as farming needs change without buying a new receiver.
Both the SF1 World Solution StarFire iTCTM receiver as well as the SF1 AutoTracTM KeyCard or GS2 SF1 AutoTrac activation can be upgraded to SF2 capability. Activations for each of these must be purchased as attachments for field conversion. Activation codes will be issued through and will require COMAR order numbers for both keycard and receiver upgrade. StarFire receiver serial number is needed for receiver upgrade.

AutoTrac Option


 Differential Correction


AutoTrac SF1

  • Tillage
  • Pull-behind Spraying
  • Air Seeding

AutoTrac SF1 is a broad-acre guidance solution allowing operators to take their hands off of the steering wheel as the machine travels down the most optimum pass in the field.
Operators still have to turn the machine around on the end rows, but by simply pressing the resume button, AutoTrac again regains control and starts steering the vehicle down the adjacent pass.
AutoTrac helps to increase profitability and performance in many farming operations.

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