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Introducing the all-new 600C Series Corn Heads
Cross Implement Inc

The 600C Series Corn Heads feature new, innovative designs. 600C Corn Heads provide the high capacity and productivity features for which growers are looking. These improved corn heads incorporate new technology that deliver distinct productivity advantages

616C corn head

616C corn head


  • 600C Corn Heads allow growers to better utilize the higher levels of capacity of the John Deere combines when harvesting standing, down, or leaning crops.
  • Increased residue management options with more stalk roll configurations.
  • Larger model line-up to choose from with the 606C608C612C616C, and 618C Corn Heads.

608C corn head

The 600C Series Corn Heads have been redesigned to improve capacity and productivity during harvest. Some of the new features include:
  • Five models are available for operators to best maximize the productivity and efficiency of their operation.
  • The 600C Corn Head now features chopping disconnect on all StalkMaster™ corn heads. Each row unit on the StalkMaster corn head has a shifting lever on the right side of the chopping gearcase to turn off the chopping functionality.
  • The 600C Corn Heads have been redesigned to eliminate the prop rod used to lift and lockout row-unit covers during service. The lift assist is a gas strut to assist in raising the row unit out of the way.
  • The height sensors are moved to the outer points and forward on all 600 Series Corn Heads to provide improved ground following capabilities and increase harvesting speeds.
  • The idler sprockets were redesigned to distribute chain load and increase chain life. The new idler bearing contains a triple lip seal plus an additional sealed outer steel shroud for greatly increased bearing protection.
The 600C Series Corn Heads will meet and exceed changing customer needs, enabling operators to be more productive. This is the future of John Deere harvesting.
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