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Introducing John Deere active pneumatic downforce
Cross Implement Inc

John Deere active pneumatic downforce makes getting the planting accuracy desired even easier. A hydraulically driven compressor works with the SeedStar™ XP system to automate downforce control.

Just set the row-unit target margin value and the active pneumatic downforce system works automatically to make sure the planter maintains this value-achieving precise soil penetration and consistent planting depth without sidewall soil compaction. This frees the operator from constantly making manual downforce adjustments as conditions change. It also allows the operator to focus on all the other planting factors that drive up yields, like seed singulation and spacing.

Active downforce compressor assembly

Hydraulic compressor

Split rank control

Pneumatic valve

John Deere active downforce enables split rank control on 1790 and Deere-Bauer split row planters. This innovative feature allows for the ranks of these planters to be controlled independently. This will compensate for different downforce requirements between the ranks and will help maintain an accurate planting depth and consistent margin across all the rows.
Active downforce availability
John Deere active downforce is available for factory installation on 1770NT, 1790, and Deere-Bauer planters built after 12 December  2011. Active downforce can be installed on planter orders in confirmed status by changing option code 5125 (pneumatic downforce) to code 5130 (active pneumatic downforce).

Active downforce can also be installed on previously built model year 2012 planters or frozen orders with an attachment for field conversion (AFC). AFC bundles are available for order after 11 November 2011 and will begin shipment after 12 December 2001. Both factory-installed and AFC active pneumatic downforce systems require SeedStar XP.

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