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AMS software update 2012-1 now available

John Deere Farmsight

Software update 2012-1 from Ag Management Solutions provides information about:
  • New products
  • Updates to StarFire™ 3000 Position Receiver and GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display
  • Enhancements to Apex Farm Management software
NOTE: This announcement serves as an abbreviated version of the full release information. See release notes for more detailed technical information.

New products
  • John Deere Implement Detection
The GreenStar 3 2630 Display will recognize any ISOBUS implement automatically and
populate all machine settings sent through the ISOBUS to the display. Implement Detection
will be available on John Deere SeedStar™ 2 XP Planters with the bundle update. For other implements, it will be orderable several weeks later.
This new add-on sensor gives operators the ability to view current weather conditions on almost any GreenStar™ Display (excluding the Original GreenStar Display) to assist in making real-time chemical application decisions.
Enhancements for Real Time Kinematics (RTK)
  • Base station rover access list expanded for the StarFire 3000
    The RTK base station rover access list now holds up to 300 rover entries. This increases the number of producers who can be in a secured RTK network.
Updates to the GS3 2630
  • John Deere Remote Display Access (RDA)
    RDA is visible on the GS3 2630 Display as the first step in its full product release scheduled for spring 2012. However, RDA functionality is not currently available. There will be a product announcement with information in the sales manual upon RDA’s full production launch.
The GreenStar 3 2630 Display now has the ability to view Tramlines allowing
AutoTrac™ in the guidance modes of straight track. Tramline controls can be accessed
by selecting the Tramlines change button on the guidance settings tab.
  • AutoTrac slow speed
Integrated AutoTrac on 6x30 and 6R Tractors have the option to operate at speeds as slow at 0.1 km/h. This functionality is part of a future enhancement that will be announced separately.
  • Field and crop management
    • John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton
              This new feature records information for each round module produced by the 7760
              Self-Propelled Cotton Picker and stores the information on either the GS2 2600 for
              GS3 2630 Display. All data can be transferred easily via USB or flash card. This new
              product uses the new Application Controller 1120.
    • GreenStar™ Rate Controller PWM pump button option
              The GreenStar™ Rate Controller can now be configured with a pump enable/disable
              check box in PWM (pulse width modulated) control valve applications. The pump
              enable/disable check box can be used to eliminate the need to wire a mechanical
              switch in the cab of the machine to shut down the operation of the solution pump.
    • John Deere Section Control: Map settings button 
              The settings tab in Section Control has been updated with a Section Control map
              settings button. The map settings button will allow the producer to configure the
              background and foreground map layers for each operation Section Control is
              running and also for the summary coverage map. The foreground map layer for each
              operation will default to an “as applied” map layer and the background layer can then
              be selected by the producer.
Enhancements to Apex™ Farm Management Software
Apex 3.3 now available 
  • Apex CD available online
    Users can now purchase and demonstrate Apex via StellarSupport™.com or without having to buy the physical CD.
  • Compatibility with NEW John Deere Mobile Weather Apex 3.3 can bring newly gathered weather data into Apex for further analysis.
  • Assign varieties unique colors
    Users may control the color of their varieties across all variety maps.
  • Record Keeping plug-in
    Pricing information with documented data can now be linked.
  • Record Keeping enhancement: Shared template
    Users can reduce time spend defining input costs for a given operation by using the ability to export or import templates with the Apex record keeping plug-in.
  • Record Keeping enhancement: Icon and demo available
    All copies of Apex will show the Record Keeping soft key. A 30-day trial is available for users with the purchase of Apex or for those who do not currently own Record Keeping.
  • Preferred units
    User-assigned units of measure will be used by Apex instead of reverting to the default unit. 
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