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John Deere Tractor PowerGard Certification & Service

John Deere Tractor PowerGard™  Inspection | Certification | Service

The John Deere PowerGard™ Inspection Process that Identifies Key Service Points with Established Specifications that Allow Us the Framework to Repeatably Reduce Downtime.

John Deere PowerGard™ Inspection Process (Learn More)

Reconditioned with Genuine John Deere Parts

We’ll fix it right, with exactly the right John Deere Parts that designed for the machine backed by John Deere for a Full Year


3rd Party Fluid Analysis

As part of our John Deere PowerGard Certification Process engine oil, coolant, transmission & hydraulic oil fluid samples are pulled on most of our preowned inventory.  The results are available upon request.

John Deere Premium Tractor Service

Genuine John Deere Fluids/Lubricants & Filters

As part of our John Deere PowerGard Certification Process equipment filters & fluids that are past service are replaced using Geniune John Deere Fluids & Filters | Engine Oil - Air Filters - Hydraulic Filters - Cab Filters

John Deere Plus 50II Engine Oil Benefits


John Deere Hy-Gard Oil Benefits

John Deere PowerGard Protection Plan


Our reconditioning and inspection process allows for much of our inventory to qualify for the John Deere PowerGardProtection Plan.

Buy with confidence and peace of mind
Now you can purchase a new or pre-owned John Deere combine or tractor with more confidence than ever. The PowerGard Protection Plan offers valuable extended warranty coverage to protect you from unforeseen future repair bills and the costly downtime that a breakdown can cause.

PowerGard offers flexible coverage options for all new John Deere combines and tractor and PowerGard Certified pre-owned John Deere combines and tractors.

What does the PowerGard Protection Plan Cover?

Limited – Engine & Powertrain coverage: Main components of the engine and powertrain, plus the cylinder drive gearcase, the reverser gearcase, and all parts contained inside these components, are covered for mechanical breakdown caused by a defective covered component, due to faulty materials, or original workmanship.


What will my deductible be?
All Limited PowerGard Plans, regardless of coverage terms, have the same deductible of $500 per work order. 



The PowerGard™ Protection Plan is an extended warranty program for eligible new and used John Deere Equipment covering defective components/parts of the engine, powertrain, and a limited number of miscellaneous components due to faulty materials or original workmanship.


John Deere Tractor Powerguard

Maintenance and high-wear items are excluded on all PowerGard Protection Plan coverage forms, in addition to specifically excluded parts or components. Always check the actual PowerGard Protection Plan contract for details, exclusions and limitations.

The PowerGard™ Protection Plan is not insurance. Due to the possibility of rock damage and other insurance related hazards, PowerGard™ Protection does not cover components in the crop path.

Seasonal Assurance Plan


Cross Implement - The Mark of Quality Equipment

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