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John Deere Mower PowerGard™  Inspection & Service

From $399

John Deere Mower PowerGard™  Inspection & Service

  • 100/200/300 Series from $399 plus parts
  • 400/500/700 Series from $449 plus parts
  • Zero Turn Service from $499 plus parts

The John Deere PowerGard™ Inspection provides a proven process that identifies key service points with established specifications that allow our John Deere Certified Technicians the framework to repeatably reduce downtime.

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Repaired with Genuine John Deere Parts
We’ll fix it right, with exactly the right John Deere Parts that designed for the machine backed by John Deere for a Full Year


3rd Party Fluid Analysis (Optional)

As part of our John Deere PowerGard Certification Process we offer the option to sample engine oil, coolant, transmission & hydraulic oil fluids.

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Genuine John Deere Fluids/Lubricants & Filters

As part of our John Deere PowerGard Certification Process equipment filters & fluids that are past service are replaced using Geniune John Deere Fluids & Filters

John Deere Mower PowerGard™  Inspection & Service


  • Inspect air filter
  • Inspect air cleaner and pre-cleaner
  • Inspect air restriction indicator
  • Inspect intake system hoses and clamps
  • Inspect muffler and exhaust system
  • Inspect head gasket
  • Inspect head cooling vanes
  • Inspect/adjust throttle & choke controls
  • Adjust carburetor
  • Fast and slow idle mixture            
  • Choke (fully open @ WOT)
  •  Adjust fast and slow idle speeds
  • Replace spark plug(s)
  • Check breaker points
  • Check/ Change oil and filter
  • Inspect for oil and coolant leaks
  • Inspect engine mounting hardware
  • Inspect crankcase breather
  • Check compression
  • Check Timing

Engine (liquid cooled)

  • Inspect and clean screens and shrouds
  • Check coolant level and anti-freeze protection
  • Check for leaks
  • Inspect radiator, hoses, lines, and radiator cap
  • Inspect pulleys, belt(s), and fan
  • Inspect water pump and thermostat
  • Remove shroud and clean cooling fins
  • Inspect and clean screens and shrouds
  • Check side panels
  • Check grill screen

Engine (diesel)

  • Inspect fuel shut-off operation
  • Check pre-heater operation
  • Inspect for leaks

Fuel System

  • Inspect tank, cap, and fuel lines for leaks or contamination
  • Inspect fuel transfer pump
  • Check/replace fuel filter
  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect fuel shut-off operation
  • Inspect throttle lever friction and cable operation
  • Check carburetor adjustments

Electrical System

  • Load test battery, charge or replace as necessary
  • Check battery cables/clean terminals
  • Verify that positive battery terminal cover in place
  • Check neutral start system/adjustment
  • Check operator presence system
  • Check starter operation
  • Check electric lift operation
  • Check alternator output and belts
  • Inspect wiring harness
  • Inspect glow plug operation
  • Check operation of all gauges and indicator lights
  • Check lights
  • Check seat switch operation

Power Train           

  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect hydrostatic oil and filter
  • Inspect hydrostatic control lever and linkage operation
  • Check  neutral adjustment
  • Inspect clutch (gear drive)
  • Inspect transaxle oil
  • Check fluid level/condition
  • Check two-speed operation
  • Check differential operation and lock
  • Check charge and implement relief pressure
  • Inspect axle seals for leaks and check bearings for wear
  • Inspect belts and/or drive coupler
  • Inspect variator drive belt and adjustment
  • Check PTO clutch and brake operation
  • Check PTO belts
  • Check transmission/transaxle mounting bolts
  • Check transmission lube

Steering and Brakes

  • Check power steering operation & linkages
  • Inspect steering-free play
  • Inspect steering wheel
  • Inspect front axle pivot pin
  • Inspect tie rods, drag link and ball joints
  • Check steering cylinder/hoses for leaks/damage
  • Inspect brake operation and adjust
  • Check park brake operation

Hydraulic System

  • Inspect for leaks
  • Inspect oil cooler
  • Check selective control valve operation
  • Replace hydraulic oil filter
  • Inspect rockshaft operation
  • Check implement relief pressure
  • Check quick disconnected couplers

Mower Deck

  • Remove shields and clean top side of deck
  • Inspect drive belt(s) and sheaves
  • Remove belt(s) and check spindles
  • Check mower deck belt and idler
  • Check gear case oil level
  • Inspect drive shaft
  • Inspect discharge chute
  • Inspect caster wheels and height adjusting mechanism
  • Clean underside of mower deck
  • Sharpen and balance mower blades
  • Inspect mower lift system
  • Check Level mower deck


  • Check condition of wheels and tires, adjust air pressure
  • Inspect grass catcher
  • Inspect all safety decals, replace if needed
  • Verify that applicable mandatory Pip’s have been completed
  • Lubricate and grease all fittings
  • Inspect seat and hardware for damage and operation
  • Inspect all guards and shields
  • Check frame and weights
  • Check control levers and knobs

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