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John Deere Fluid Analysis

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Coolant analysis provides an early warning system that can prevent up to 40 percent of engine problems. If your coolant is abnormal or not performing, you’ll know in plenty of time to act. The advance warning comes in the form of a detailed report that gives specific recommendations.


Fluid Analysis aims to drastically reduce catastrophic downtime, optimize drain intervals, and save you money. It’s a vital part of the Customer Personal Service (CPS) strategy for controlling costs and increasing profits. With a Fluid Analysis program, you won’t have to guess if it’s time to change fluids; overhaul your engine, transmission, or hydraulic system; or even trade-in your’ll know! That’s why oil analysis is an important part of any Extended Warranty and Planned Maintenance Agreement. It establishes a history on each machine that helps you make informed, proactive decisions on machine maintenance. The end result is less downtime, lower stress levels, and bigger numbers on your bottom line.

Many fluid analysis programs don’t do your equipment or your business justice because they don’t give you the full story. The John Deere Fluid Analysis program tells you what’s going on inside all of your machine’s major components. So, if your engine, transmission, or hydraulic pump starts to go south, you’ll know it – usually before you see a decline in performance.

Specialists use state-of-the-art technology to test oil samples for both chemical and physical properties. An emission spectrometer screens your oil for wear metals, additives, and contaminants. An automated viscometer measures the flow rate of your oil in relation to time. Additional tests are performed to evaluate indicators of engine, hydraulic, or transmission fluid degradation.

Fluid Analysis also helps you schedule service procedures during low-use periods. So, instead of reacting to downtime, you manage it. A major engine overhaul is never good news, but it’s a lot easier to take if it’s scheduled. It’s also less expensive. By preempting catastrophic downtime, you can preserve the value of your major component systems, plus avoid collateral damage to other parts and systems.

Fluid Analysis offers extensive testing for engine, hydraulic, powertrain, cooling, and fuel systems.

High-end tests are standard and offer leading indicators for machine monitoring.


IT'S EASY Convenience is the whole point of the John Deere Fluid Analysis program, so we keep it simple:

1. TEST KIT (DKGA2019)
The kit includes all of the necessary inspection forms and fluid testing materials. Fluid testing costs are included in the price of the kit. Order kits through the JD Point parts system.
Completion of Step #2 and #5 will take approximately 1-2 hours to conduct.

Pull fluid samples from the engine, transmission/hydraulic, and coolant, and then place each of the Bellows® into the plastic bags provided in the kit. Be sure to operate the equipment and components being sampled at least 15 minutes prior to pulling any fluids, to ensure the sample is representative of the entire lubrication systems being tested.

Place the PowerGard Inspection/Certification Part A form from kit, along with fluid samples into the self-addressed 2-day air postage paid envelope and mail to:
Analyst, Inc. 2450 Hassell Road, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195

The entire fluid testing process will take from 5 to 10 working days, from the time the samples are taken and mailed until the results are received from the Analysts, Inc. lab.
Note: Analysts, Inc. will…

  • Post all test results on Oilscan Online (dealers can set up account for no charge)
  • Respond by phone or fax for “abnormal” or “critical” results only.
  • If no account is set up for Oilscan Online, all fluid test results are mailed to the dealership.
  • Have a qualified technician review the results and complete any corrective actions.
  • Possible fluid test results:
    •  Normal - considered acceptable for "certification."
    • Monitor - considered acceptable, re-sampling is often recommended at later date.
    • Abnormal - should be analyzed closely by a technician with special attention to details provided in the analysis, corrective actions are required in many cases.
    • Critical - should be analyzed closely by a technician and considered a failure/decline in the certification process. 


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