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John Deere Compact & Utility Tractor PowerGard™ Inspection & Service

From $499

John Deere Compact & Utility Tractor PowerGard™  Inspection & Service

  • 1000-4000 Series Compact $399 plus parts
  • 5000-6000 Series Utility $499 plus parts

The John Deere PowerGard™ Inspection provides a proven process that identifies key service points with established specifications that allow our John Deere Certified Technicians the framework to repeatably reduce downtime.

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Repaired with Genuine John Deere Parts
We’ll fix it right, with exactly the right John Deere Parts that designed for the machine backed by John Deere for a Full Year


3rd Party Fluid Analysis (Optional)

As part of our John Deere PowerGard Certification Process we offer the option to sample engine oil, coolant, transmission & hydraulic oil fluids.

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Genuine John Deere Fluids/Lubricants & Filters

As part of our John Deere PowerGard Certification Process equipment filters & fluids that are past service are replaced using Geniune John Deere Fluids & Filters

John Deere Compact & Utility Tractor PowerGard™  Inspection & Service


  • Oil Level            
  • Engine Oil and Filter      
  • Intake system, Hose and Clamps              
  • Air filters            
  • Variable Geometry Turbo inspection      
  • Exhaust system
  • Head gasket      
  • Valve lash adjustment  
  • High and low idle speeds            
  • Oil leaks              
  • Pulleys, idlers and belts
  • Engine Mounts

Engine Installed Options

  • Cold Weather Starting Package, 110 V    

Cooling System

  •  Radiator cap
  • Coolant Level/Freeze Point/Condition  
  • Radiator            
  • Hoses and Clamps
  • Water pump
  • Thermostats
  • Viscous Fan Clutch
  • Coolant Expansion Tank
  • Cooling System Installed Options

Fuel System      

  • Fuel leaks
  • Fuel Tank Vent
  • Fuel Tank and Sump      
  • Fuel Filters        
  • Transfer pump
  • Fuel Injection Nozzles  
  • Fuel Cooler        
  • Engine power check      

Fuel System Installed Options   

  • Fuel Pre-Heater              

Electrical System            

  • Battery
  • Battery Condition/Charge          
  • Specific gravity
  • Battery cables/ends      
  • Starter operation            
  • Neutral start system      
  • Presence of starter terminal guard          
  • Alternator charging        
  • Lights/turn signals          
  • Instruments/indicator lights      
  • Starting aid operation  
  • Glow plugs        
  • Wiring harnesses            
  • Review Misc. Electrical Components      
  • Electrical System Installed Options
  • Battery Cut-Off Switch  

Power Train       

  • Drive Shaft, Engine        
  • Torsional Dampner (rear of engine)       
  • PTO clutch and brake operation                
  • Transmission park mechanism  
  • U-joints and shielding----MFWD
  • Axles-outer axle seal and bearing condition        
  • Brake pedal adjustment
  • Transmission/hydraulic filters    
  • Transmission/hydraulic/MFWD oil          
  • Transmission/MFWD breather  
  • Transmission sump screen          
  • MFWD Operation          
  • Front differential and hubs oil level----MFWD    
  • TLS Operation  
  • TLS Accumulators            
  • Transmission Oil Level  
  • Transmission Lube pressure      
  • Transmission Operational Check
  • Power Train Installed Options
  • Back-up Alarm   

Steering and Brakes       

  •  Steering operation        
  • Steering valve  
  • Steering cylinders, and hoses    
  • Tie rod and drag link ends          
  • Steering arm    
  • Front axle pivot bushings            
  • Front axle spindle bearings (2WD)           
  • Front wheel bearings (2WD)       
  • Record Toe In (2WD)     
  • Brake operation              
  • Brake valves
  • Steering and Brakes Installed Options
  • Hydraulic Trailer Brake Kit          

Hitch and Hydraulic System       

  • Main pump pressure and flow test from SCV      
  • Three Point Hitch Assembly        
  • Rockshaft/EH hitch, Operation, Cycle Test            


  • Draft Shaft Support Bushing      
  • Selective control valve and coupler, Pressure and cycle tests      

Lines and clamps            

  • Leaks    
  • Hitch and Hydraulic System Installed Options  
  • Hydraulic Motor Case Drain        


  • Drawbar & Support        
  • Frame and weights        
  • Bottom frame plate cap screw torque    
  • Sheet metal      
  • PTO shield          
  • SMV sign            
  • Wheels and tires            
  • Wheel Bolt Torque        
  • Front axle hardware torque        
  • Grease entire machine
  • Safety decals    
  • Fire extinguisher (if equipped) 
  • Recheck Stored Codes  

Misc. Installed Options

  • Return to Position (RTP) / Electronic Self Leveling (ESL), Wiring Harness  
  • Tool Box              

Operator's Station          

  • Seat belt            
  • Seat operation
  • Cab Body and mounting
  • Cab filter condition        
  • Wipers, Blades and Washers      
  • Blower motor operation              
  • Heater operation            
  • Air conditioning Operation          
  • System charge  
  • Check for evaporator drain line plugging
  • Condenser        
  • Evaporator        
  • Cab Glass            
  • Mirrors                
  • ROPS    

Operation's Station Installed Options    

  •  Field Office      
  • Premium Radio
  • Refrigerator