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John Deere Tractor PowerGard™ Inspection

From $299


John Deere Tractor Inspection PerforMax


A. Engine, Cooling and Fuel Systems:
• Block, cyl. head, valve cover, oil pan and gaskets: 
• Air intake, filter, tubes, hoses & clamps: 
• Radiator, cap, water pump, hoses & tubes: 
• Exhaust system pipes, muffler & turbo: 
• Inj. pump, fuel lines, tank & fuel filter: 
• Crankshaft, damper, and pulleys: 
• Engine running test for power, leaks, unusual
noises, smoke, misses, blowby, and compression: 


B. Powertrain:
• Clutch, pedal & controls operation, slip check: 
• PTO clutch & brake operation:
• Transmission & controls operations:
• Rear axles, housings, seals and bearings, final
• Any leaks or noises?
• Differential lock operation:
• MFWD housing, seals, u-joints & operation: 
• Oil, filters, breathers and screens: 


C. Hydraulics System:
• Main pump, pump drive, and operation: 
• Rockshaft, EH hitch, operation & cycle time: 
• Draft sensing system and operation: 
• SCV’s, operation and cycle time: 
• Any leaks or noises?
• Lines, hoses, and clamps condition:


D. Electrical Systems:
• Battery, cables and wiring harness: 
• Starter switch, motor & neutral safety system:
• Lights, warning lights, & turn signals: 
• Tachometer, gauges and indicator lights: 

E. Steering & Brakes:
• Steering valve, motor, cylinders & hoses: 
• Steering operation and free travel: 
• Tie rods, drag link & steering arm: 
• Front axle, pivot bushings, spindle bearings,
wheel bearings and hubs: 
• Brake valve and brake operation: 
F. Operators Station:
• Seat condition & operation: 
• Cab, glass, upholstery & moldings condition: 
• Heater & A/C systems and operation: 
• Door, latch, and hinges condition & operation: 
G. Miscellaneous:
• Draw bar, 3 pt. mounts, links and couplers: 
• Chassis, frame, weights and hardware: 
• Sheet metal & paint condition & appearance:
• Wheel & tire condition and appearance:

H. Safety Equipment:
• Oil, fuel and coolant leaks: 
• All safety shields, covers, and shrouds: 
• SMV, safety decals and warning devices: 
• Steps, handrails, fenders and guards


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