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1590 Drill Rental

Seasonal Drill with Grass Seed Rentals Starting @ $7,900/y

Tractor and Drill Daily Rentals From $1,900/day


The 1590 is designed to work in all types of tillage situations from clean-till to no-till. Certainly, the single-disk design works exceedingly well in heavy residue.
Depth, gauged at the point the furrow is created, is accurate and unsurpassed. Accurate depth control leads to improved germination, emergence, yield, and profits.
The 18-in. disk blades are mounted at a 7-degree angle for aggressive action in high-trash fields. Up to 450 pounds of down-pressure provides consistent down-force in rough fields. Patented active hydraulics maintain that penetration force consistently by allowing hydraulic cylinders to extend or retract in response to changing terrain.
Once the no-till fields are done, you can take the 1590 into well-prepped seedbeds. Just set the hydraulic pressure between zero and 100 pounds. Openers will float up and down 2-in., plus float the length of the rod of the hydraulic cylinder. This lets openers follow ground contours without extra down-force.
The 1590 comes in two box styles; the plain grain box that is suited for the customer who desires to drill legumes such as soybeans, which typically do not require fertilization, and the combination grain/fertilizer box suited for the customer who desires to drill cereals and grasses that require fertilization.


Single-disk no-till openers are included in base equipment. The single-disk openers are mounted on one rank on the 15-in. row spacing single rank units and on two ranks on the 7.5-in. and 10-in. row-spacing units. The single-disk openers provide consistent and accurate seed placement.

The single-disk openers are gang mounted and are hydraulically raised and lowered. The hydraulics also work to provide a wide range of downforce settings for the openers.


The active hydraulics work in conjunction with the opener spring to provide an adjustable range of 165 lb to 400 lb of down pressure per opener to penetrate hard soils and heavy residue.

The down pressure is easily adjusted with the pressure valve located on the front of the mainframe, giving the operator the ability to quickly adjust, or dial in, the down pressure as operating conditions change.

For additional ballast in hard-to-penetrate conditions, tractor suitcase weights may also be added to obtain maximum down pressure per opener. 



The no-till openers work not only in no-till conditions, but also in clean-till conditions. There are 2 in. of free travel in the opener before spring down pressure takes over, allowing the opener to move over individual rocks and minimizing the chance of the gauge wheels bulldozing soil in soft or mellow conditions.

Secondly, the opener spring will then travel a maximum of 8 in. up or 6 in. down before the hydraulics react to uneven seedbeds.

Lastly, the cylinders will allow the openers to travel up or down an additional 16 in. with active hydraulic down pressure to follow the ground.  The hydraulics will give the openers additional pressure when needed or allow the openers to go into relief if the pressure becomes too high.