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John Deere Filter Lookup

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John Deere Filters

John Deere Filters

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John Deere Oil Filters

John Deere Oil Filters

John Deere oil filters are expertly engineered to catch small particles like dirt and other contaminants before they pollute your engine. Dirty oil will slow you down, leading to less productivity and shorter service intervals. That’s why John Deere oil filters are tested to make sure they capture more dust than lesser quality filters.


John Deere Oil Filter Benefits:
  • Even pleats and media spacing ensure even filtration for better overall protection without gaps

  • Spiral and crimped center tube adds strength to prevent media from collapsing and letting unwanted particles into your system

  • Rubber gaskets encourage a tighter seal than plastic gaskets found in competitive filters

  • Specifically designed and tested to meet the needs of John Deere engines

  • Increased drain intervals when used with John Deere fluids. 


Why use John Deere oil filters?

Quality components and construction make John Deere oil filters a good choice for your machine. Learn more about what makes them effective.


John Deere Hydraulic Filters

John Deere Hydraulic Filters


Our John Deere hydraulic filters are designed specifically to protect John Deere hydraulic systems from component wear and hydraulic surge flow. They keep contaminants out and prevent sludge acid from damaging your machine.


John Deere Hydraulic Filter Benefits:
  • Even pleats - provides a higher capacity for contaminants and a longer service interval

  • Extra media support – additional hot glue melts strengthen media and ensure even spacing for 99 percent efficiency


John Deere Air Filters

John Deere Air Filters


Reduce engine wear by removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants from intake air. These filters are highly efficient when it comes to trapping unwanted particles.


John Deere Air Filter Benefits:
  • Even pleats and more media ensure high efficiency and a longer service interval

  • Proper airflow ensures a minimum flow restriction while capturing more contaminants than leading competitive air filters

  • A tight seal keeps contaminants from bypassing the filter


Why are John Deere Air Filters Better?

Genuine John Deere filters defend against engine invading contaminants. They reduce engine wear by removing dust, dirt and other pollutants from intake air. See what makes John Deere filters stand out.


John Deere Fuel Filters

John Deere Fuel Filters


When it comes to your fuel, water is the number one enemy. That's why John Deere fuel filters are not only designed to trap water, they're designed to repel it. Our filters have coated media that keeps water out, preventing rust and microbial growth that could damage your fuel and lead to poor fuel economy.


John Deere Fuel Filter Benefits:
  • Tight pleats and even media spacing - ensures high capacity to catch water and dust particles before they damage your fuel

  • Coated media - repels water and prevents it from soaking through to fuel like uncoated media can

  • Tight seal between media and filter casing - ensures unfiltered, dirty fuel won't reach engine


Avoid downtime with John Deere Fuel Filters.


Water is the number one enemy of fuel. John Deere fuel filters trap and repel water which can lead to poor performance and reliability. They're matched to your machine for optimized fuel flow. Learn more about our fuel filters.