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John Deere Express Boom Assembly

Modular, Pre- Assembled Boom Sections

Worried About New Chemicals That Leave Residue in Your Poly Boom? Want to Change Your Spacing From 15" to 20"?


We Got the Answer.



We Now Offer Replacement Boom Plumbing Kits.


Most Conversions Cost Less Than $4,000 and Include Stainless Steel Plumbing, New Nozzle Bodies and Express End Caps.


John Deere's Express Boom Assembly kits provide an economical solution to upgrade a sprayer with l-in. poly
boom plumbing to stainless steel, or change the nozzle body spacing on a machine (i.e. 20-in. to 15-in.conversion}.


Available for John Deere 4630, 4700, 4710, 4720, 4730, 4830, 4920, 4930, & 4940 sprayers with 1" poly or stainless
steel boom plumbing.

Note: 30 day lead time on ALL orders


Features and Benefits:
• Available in 15" and 20" nozzle body spacing
• Pre-assembled Boom Sections
• Include 5-way High flow nozzle bodies and Express End Cap fittings
• 1" Stainless Steel pipes
• Performance tested to 150 psi rating


John Deere High Flow Nozzle Bodies

Designed to Deliver the highes flow rates across the spraying pressure range and support faster field speeds.


John Deere Express End Caps

Eliminate residue from collecting in the pipe ends and have a removable plug for complete boom flush.


Contact one our Reps for more information at Cross Implement your local John Deere Dealer in Minier Illinois, Serving the Midwest region from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Missouri.