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John Deere Cab Bracket Sale Save 10%*

John Deere Cab Brackets Sale Accessory Brackets for Monitors, Phones, Tablets and More


The John Deere Cab bracket kit allows the operator to mount, adjust and position key controls, displays and accessories within the cab for maximum accessibility without compromising visibility. The design can be used in multiple configurations and tailored to the specific machine and task.


 John Deere RE343680 Accessory Mounting Bracket Kit versatile mounting options on front and rear cab posts


The John Deere Accessory Mounting Bracket Kit (RE343680) expands mounting versatility within the cab for monitors, controls and accessories.

  RE343680 features

·         Fully adjustable to allow customized placement of monitors and controls

·         Attaches quickly and securely to front or rear cab post bosses on Utility, Row Crop, and Four Wheel Drive tractors

·         Heavy gauge steel for improved stiffness and minimal vibration

·         Vertical and horizontal adjustment allows precise placement of monitors and controls

·         Each kit allows for single or dual arm configurations

·         Use multiple kits to customize monitor placement to your needs

·         Allows placement of monitors for easy access without diverting operator attention

·         Can be used in conjunction with BRE10141, RE245374, RE317435, BRE10015 and BRE10255 accessory mounting brackets

·         Sized to attach directly to cabs equipped with 10mm threaded bosses


John Deere Front cab post dual arm configuration


Each kit contains all the parts necessary for either single arm or dual arm configurations. Each bracket piece is slotted the full length to allow maximum adjustment and versatility. T-handle fasteners are included for quick hand adjustments.

John Deere Dual Display Bracket

John Deere Single Display Bracket


Operators are quickly finding numerous uses for the bracket kit. Multiple kits can be combined for additional mounting options (additional hardware may be necessary in some cases).


  BRE10015 and BRE10255 Accessory Mount Kits

Mobile phones, tablets, GPS and other devices are key tools for farming today. John Deere has made it easier than ever to incorporate these tools into your cab so you can safely and securely use and store the devices.


The BRE10015 Cell Phone Mount Kit and BRE10255 Tablet Mount Kit can be used on any machine with 10mm threaded bosses already available in the cab frame.


These brackets can be mounted directly to the cab post as shown below.

Mounted on front corner post

Mounted on rear corner post



·         Patented holder on the cell phone bracket fits most cell phones and similar devices including iPod, iPhone, Blackberry and more

·         Mounts to cab post or existing RE343680 Accessory Mounting Bracket

·         Fits to any 10mm threaded bosses and is delivered with tommy screw to mount on any existing monitor bracket

·         Ball joints allow for variable positioning

·         Holds firm even in rugged terrain

·         The RAM™ X-Grip™ has a clever four-leg design that features great holding power without hiding your phone behind foam pads or plastic



  BXE10479 – Walk Up Easy Tablet Mount


This tablet mount from John Deere brings RAM X-Grip options to the vehicle cab.

Easy to install, rugged and versatile, this tablet mount is a premium option for the use of iPads or similar devices in the cab.

This tablet mount consists of a composite spring loaded cradle, expandable grip arms, and additional bottom support keeper.


Also included are easy access grip levers, located on the back of the cradle for quick release of your tablet. 

BXE10479 expands and contracts for a perfect fit of most 10-in. tablets with or without sleeves, as well as some smaller tablets.

A mounting arm and RAM Tough-Ball™ base make the kit quick to mount and position for ideal use while in the field or on the road.

BXE10479 features

·        Compatible with all with aluntingy untsgged, and versatile, the latest tablet mount is proven premium option for the using iPads or similar device tractor and combine brackets (BXE10477, BXE10481, RE343680, BRE10141)

·         Spring loaded cradle make a perfect fit for large tablets with or without a case

·         Easy access grip knobs for quick release

·         Lifetime RAM Warranty – Made in the USA

  BRE10147 CommandARM™ Bracket

The CommandARM™ bracket for Final Tier 4 (FT4) Tractors offers a convenient way to mount a cell phone or tablet to the CommandARM for easy use of a mobile device. This bracket is not compatible with joystick equipped tractors.

Note: CommandARM bracket includes hardware only. The Cell Phone Mount Kit (BRE10015) and Tablet Mount Kit (BRE10255) are sold separately.


  RE566705 Dual USB Charger

As more and more electronic devices are used in the cab, getting power to keep things running and charge batteries is essential.

There are other 12V lighter plugs on the market, but many will only allow operation and “not charge” the device. The RE566705 will do both.

John Deere has made it easier to keep your phone and tablet running with the Dual USB Charger.

With two USB outlets and 4.2A of available amperage, the John Deere charger is built to run and charge today’s most power hungry tablets, phones and other devices. The automatic fuse will protect the charging circuit and insure safe reliable operation.

The Dual USB charger fits a standard automotive 12V socket so it can be put to work in the tractor, truck or family car.


  RE566705 features

·         Dual USB sockets give more options for cab devices

·         4.2 Amp output allows 2 electric devices to charge simultaneously, including mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, GPS units, MP3 players, iPads or other USB devices

·         Each USB port supplies 5V 2.1A, enough power for charging needs while providing overload protection

·         Sleek, compact design reduces clutter in your cab

·         Built-in protective fuse provides safe charging

·         Blue LED indicator informs you that power is on

Not compatible with Samsung™ Galaxy Tablets


  BRE10152 Self-Leveling Drink Holder Kit

A favorite worldwide, the RAM Self-Leveling Drink Cup holder is available in a kit (BRE10152) designed specifically for John Deere equipment. The perfect accessory for any cab that has mounting bosses.

Easily installed, positions to keep your favorite beverage within reach, and includes a John Deere branded can insulator. In the roughest terrain this holder is ready to roll.

The cup holder features a unique self-leveling design. This pivoting design allows easy adjustment for the holder while offsetting motion of the vehicle when moving. The result is a pivoting drink holder and a reduced mess.


 BRE10152 features

    Self-leveling action reduces spills

·         Easy adjustable mounting for ideal placement

·         Durable design for rough environments

·         Compatible with monitor bracket kits RE343680, BRE10141 and similar as well as cabs with 10mm threaded bosses

·         Includes John Deere branded beverage insulator

  BXE10480 – Slide Kit

Expand the capacity of both BXE10477 and BXE10481 with the sliding mount bracket kit. 

Designed specifically for this application, the sliding mount features a lever lock system that allows for quick adjustment anywhere along the horizontal mounting bar.


BXE10480 Features

·         Lever lock system for quick adjustment

·         Includes 1-inch. RAM tough-ball

·         Compatible with bracket kits BXE10477 and BXE10481

·         Works with John Deere RAM Kits BRE10015, BRE10152 and BXE10479


BXE10481 – Guide Bar, Mobile Mounting Bar, RH (MY2012 - MY2013)

For 2012 and 2013 model combine cabs, BXE10481 has been specifically designed to bolt in and provide extra mounting locations both horizontally and vertically across the window area.

The vertical slotted bar is cross compatible with popular tractor kits and allows for easy switchover between platforms.

BXE10481 Features

    Developed specifically for John Deere combine cabs

·         Easy bolt-on installation

·         Horizontal and vertical mounting for ideal placement

·         Includes one (1) of BXE10480

·         Fits model year 2012 and 2013 combine cabs


BXE10477 Guide Bar   

The BXE10477 mobile mounting guide bar brings a custom solution for positioning phones, tablets and other devices within easy reach.

Featuring a sliding mount bracket system that works directly with popular John Deere RAM kits, the system boasts improved function and versatility never before seen in combine and windrower cabs.      


BXE10477 features

  • Sliding mounting clamps make fore/aft adjustment fast and simple
  • Rugged all steel construction in the mounting bar ensures years and durable performance
  • Fits model year 2014 and new combines
  • Fits W235 and W 260 Windrowers



BRE10141 Full Bar Monitor Bracket Kit

The BRE10141 full bar monitor bracket kit is for 7020, 7030, 8000, 8010, 8020, 8030, 9020, and 9030 Tractors. Simple bolt on slotted design ensure easy installation and adjustment.


BRE10141 features

  • Simple bolt on design for easy installation and adjustment
  • Compatible with most existing monitor and accessory mounts
  • Versatile design covers wide range of applications
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Most economical full-size monitor bracket kit yet!
  • Made in the USA


BRE10142 Bracket Utility Tray Kit


John Deere has also changed the monitor bracket tray with a fresh design that lets the operator position the tray how and where they want. Mounted on top or on the bottom. The new tray kit (BRE10142) includes adjustable mounting legs that allow the tray to be attached and positioned anywhere along John Deere monitor brackets.


BRE10142 features

  • Adjustable mounting allows tray placement anywhere along a monitor bracket
  • Non-slip pad insert protects stored items
  • Compatible with all existing John Deere monitor bracket kits
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Made in the USA


BXE10606 and BXE10607 Suction Cup Kits


With suction cup RAM kits, John Deere delivers the most versatile and portable mobile device mounting solutions yet. The twist-lock base is designed to create the strongest hold possible compared to regular suction cups. Once the mount is placed in position, simply twist the lever to lock in a surprisingly strong and long-lasting hold.

Now with cell phone and tablet kits using these incredibly rugged suctions cups, you can easily move mobile devices between tractors, combine, and even their vehicles.



BXE10606 – Cell Phone Suction Cup Kit 

The same great cell phone X-Grip is now available with a suction mount kit.

You take your cell phone with you wherever you go and now you can take the mount with you as well.

Attaching the suction cup to flat windows gives you the ability to optimize visibility and convenience. Adjusting the ball and socket arm or moving the suction cup completely allows you to place the cell phone in the perfect location.


BXE10607 – X-Grip Tablet Dual Suction Cup Kit

Managing your operation has gone mobile and you need your support equipment to be mobile too.

John Deere’s dual suction cup tablet kit goes where you go. The easy twist-lock suction cups give you the flexibility to use your devices in any vehicle. Now one kit is all you need to track your John Deere productivity mobile apps.

With an extra strong grip to ensure a sold hold for tablets, you can concentrate on the farming worry-free


  BXE10607 features

·         Mounts to ANY clean, flat, non-porous glass or plastic surface

·         1.5” ball and socket holds heavier tablets steady and has adjustable positions

·         For tablet sizes up to 10” with access to all ports and buttons

·         Spring-loaded X-Grip cradle accommodates different sizes and has quick release levers for simple installation and removal


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Accessory Mounting Bracket Kit*


Support Bracket


Attachment Bracket


Threaded Knob (T-handle)


Kit, Cell Phone Mount


Kit, Tablet Mount


Bracket Kit, Walk Up Easy Tablet Mount


Guide Bar, Mobile Mounting Bar, RH (MY2012 - MY2013)


Bracket Kit, Sliding Mount


CommandARM Bracket


USB Charger


Drink Holder Kit, Self-Leveling


Guide Bar, Mobile Mounting Bar, RH (MY2014 and newer)


Monitor Bracket Kit


Bracket Utility Tray Kit


Cell Phone Suction Cup Kit


Tablet Dual Section Cup Kit

*RE343680 contains: R343682 (1), R343683 (2), RE343685 (2), and necessary hardware.


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