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John Deere Bulk Oil

Do you use 200 gallons or more of engine oil or hydraulic oil in a year? If so, we have a program for you. Our Bulk Oil Program provides a less expensive way to buy oil than the traditional barrels.


The Many Advantages of John Deere Bulk Oil:


Take advantage of everything that the program has to offer:

  • Convenience: free delivery to your farm (with minimum purchase)

  • Lower Cost : save money per gallon compared to buckets or drums

  • Quality Oil : developed by John Deere engineers alongside John Deere engines

  • Less Waste : less empty oil containers strewn about your shop


$1,350 Oil Tote Pump Reel Kit

OILTOTEPUMPKIT-APX - Oil Tote Plate Kit 50’ spring retractable reel, 3:1 pump and digital preset meter. Includes tote mounting plate that clamps to the rails of the tote, meter holder to catch oil, steel construction, 2” NPT threads for pump. 2” filler neck with cap. Stationary Bulk System. One-year warranty on pump  JDMX402GB6556A 330 Gallon Cage Tank with Lid 


$1050 2-120 Gal Rack System

JDCT120JN/120 Gravity Feed System includes; 2 x 120-gallon tanks that stack on a 24" Stand, Gravity Feed Accessory Package, Spring Valves & Drip Tray Kit 

$1050 Side Mount Reel Pump System

RPP31SMCOMPPREMTR – Complete pump mounted packages include: 3:1 Pump, 50' hose reel, dispensing meter, air filter regulator, brackets, hardware and valve. Complete pump mounted package w/auto preset meter