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Nutrient Applicator - 2430C Back

Model Number :
2430C Nutrient Applicator
  • 19- and 25-row configurations
  • Redesigned 25-row model with improved transport dimensions
  • TruSet™ Active improves tillage depth accuracy and makes adjustments for varying field conditions, such as tire sink in soft soils or residue build up on tires, with no need for operator input
  • Coulters and closing disks now optional
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Improved transport dimensions

Beginning with model year 2022, the 2430C Nutrient Applicator includes everything producers enjoyed about the previous 2430C, but with improved transport dimensions.

Lower transport height of 25-row 2430C Lower transport height of 25-row 2430C
2430C Nutrient Applicator 2430C Nutrient Applicator
  • The 25-row, 19-m (62.5-ft) 2430C is available with a 4.3-m (14-ft) transport height (0.76 m [2.5 ft] lower than the previous model).
  • The updated 5.5-m (18-ft, 2-in.) transport width is 1.1 m (3.6-ft) narrower than the previous 25-row model.
  • The placement of the outer wings allows maximum working widths and low transport height under bridges and utility lines.
Preparing to fold the 2430C for transportt Preparing to fold the 2430C for transportt
Folding the 2430C for transport Folding the 2430C for transport
Folding the 2430C for transport Folding the 2430C for transport
2430C fully folded for transport 2430C fully folded for transport

Learn more about the redesigned transport dimensions here.

19-row and 25-row sizes available
2430C Nutrient Applicator 2430C Nutrient Applicator

The 2430C Nutrient Applicator is available in two machine configurations:


  • 19 row – 3.66-m (12-ft) center frame, five-section, 305-mm (30-in.) spacing
  • 25 row – 3.66-m (12-ft) center frame, five-section, 305-mm (30-in.) spacing



Working width

Transport width

Transport height

19 row

14.5 m (47 ft, 6 in.)

6.0 m (19 ft, 8 in.)

4.30 m (14 ft, 1 in.)

25 row

19.1 m (62 ft, 6 in.)

5.5 m (18 ft, 2 in.)

4.3 m (14 ft)


The five individual frame sections can be adjusted independently of each other. The operator can tailor the depth setting of individual sections to ensure proper product sealing and fertilizer placement even in compressed wheel track areas and varying field conditions.

TruSet™ features, packages, and documentation

With short windows of time to perform tillage operations, TruSet provides significant productivity improvements as operators can adjust the tool with just the push of a button, maximizing acres covered per day. By responding to conditions as they change throughout the field, TruSet Active enables operators to generate a higher-quality tillage performance within the first pass.


Using a GreenStar™ display, an operator sees real-time data for a variety of feature settings, ensuring confidence in desired tillage outcomes. Four customizable presets enable operators to save and name different combinations of settings for their most common field conditions, which allows for even quicker implement adjustments.

TruSet allows for adjustments from the cab TruSet allows for adjustments from the cab
TruSet Tillage system TruSet Tillage system

Single-point depth control is included with the TruSet Tillage system, giving operators the choice of automated or manual adjustments. Hydraulic routings on the tool are designed to allow each implement to feature both TruSet and standard single-point depth control for system redundancy, operator preference, and flexibility at resale.


John Deere has expanded TruSet features to bring even more functionality into the cab: 

  • Active depth, and basket pressure and raise
  • Gang angle
  • Hydraulic active stabilizer wheels
  • Hydraulic wing control
  • Hydraulic fore-aft control
TruSet features and packages

TruSet Tillage features a variety of technology features and packages. With either the Select or Premium package, you can elevate your experience with some or full control of your tillage tool from the cab at your fingertips. The following table outlines each TruSet offering specific to the implement model. For additional information on each feature, see the details after the table.


TruSet Functions
Models: Set-point depth Active depth Basket pressure Side-to-side leveling Gang angle Fore-aft Wing down pressure Stabilizer wheels
2230 Floating Hitch Field Cultivator --- Select** Select Premium --- --- --- ---
2230 Level-Lift™ Field Cultivator --- Select** Select --- --- --- --- ---
2330 Mulch Finisher --- Select** Select Premium** --- Premium** --- ---
2630 Series Disks --- Select** Select Premium --- Premium** --- Option
2633VT Vertical Tillage --- Select** Select Premium --- Premium** --- ---
2660VT Vertical Tillage 1-Section 4.27 m (14 ft) --- Select** Select Premium Premium Premium --- ---
2660VT Vertical Tillage 3-Section 7.8, 9.2, 10.1 m (25.5, 30.3, 31.10 ft) --- Select** Select Premium Premium Premium Premium Option
2660VT Vertical Tillage 5-Section 14.1, 15.1 m (43.6, 49.6 ft)  --- Select** Select --- Premium Premium --- Option
2680H High-Speed Disk* In base --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
2430C --- Select** --- Premium --- --- --- ---
2430 Drawn Chisel Plow --- Select** Select Premium --- --- --- ---

*Currently not available in feature packaging

**New feature


NOTE: All Select package features are also included in the Premium package.


Active depth (Select and Premium package)

Adjust depth and pressure while in the field Adjust depth and pressure while in the field
  • With TruSet Active, the tillage tool automatically adjusts and keeps the desired depth even through changing field conditions, such as tire sink in soft soils or mud buildup in damp and sticky conditions.
  • This is possible using an ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance from the mainframe to the soil as the implement travels through the field.


Basket pressure and raise (Select and Premium package)


  • Integrated TruSet Tillage technology enables the operator to adjust their down pressure on the hydraulic rolling baskets while on the go to respond to changing field conditions such as varying soils, heavier residue, and moisture.
  • Easily raise your baskets with one touch to avoid certain areas of the field, whether you are wanting to check the tillage tool with the baskets up or avoid going through a wet spot in the field. Once you’re through the area and ready to lower the baskets, simply press the basket lower to resume your desired basket pressure. 


Side-to-side leveling (Premium package)

Individual section leveling with TruSet side-to-side Individual section leveling with TruSet side-to-side
  • Operators have the option to enhance the TruSet Tillage system with individual section leveling functionality. TruSet side-to-side is available as a field-installed option that can be ordered with the tillage tool or through aftermarket parts. The base TruSet Tillage system can also be upgraded to TruSet side-to-side with a conversion kit.


Gang angle (Premium package)

Gang angle adjustment Gang angle adjustment
  • With TruSet gang angle control, operators can adjust the gang angle on the go right from the cab. Adjusting the gang angle from 0 to 12 degrees provides more horizontal soil movement. The more aggressive the gang angle, the more soil mixing and burying of residue. Operators can also remove light ruts, tracks, and weeds at the most aggressive gang angle.


Fore-aft (Premium package)

Hydraulic fore-aft control levels the 2660VT Hydraulic fore-aft control levels the 2660VT
  • TruSet hydraulic fore-aft control enables operators to level the implement from the comfort of the tractor cab.


Wing down pressure (Premium package)

Hydraulic wing control pressure Hydraulic wing control pressure
  • TruSet hydraulic wing control transfers the weight from the mainframe to the wings to improve penetration in hard or heavy soils. In high-speed, shallow-depth tillage operations, maintaining a consistent depth across the tillage tool is critical to the consistency of the seedbed.


NOTE: TruSet hydraulic wing control pressure is only offered on three-section models.


Stabilizer wheels (additional factory option)

  • Getting the best field performance is easier with TruSet Active hydraulic stabilizer wheels. Choose the option to easily adjust the depth of the stabilizer wheels from the cab to match the overall depth as changes are made. This feature replaces the mechanical linkage on stabilizer wheels with a hydraulic cylinder.

NOTE: Stabilizer wheels are not offered on one-section models.

TruSet documentation

With integrated TruSet Tillage technology, operators can incorporate documentation and prescription functionality into their tillage operations. The tillage documentation feature allows producers to capture and analyze the tillage pass for additional coverage of the crop production cycle. Prescription functionality provides producers the capability to ensure their tillage operations are executed correctly, optimizing their investment in preparing for the next crop.


Operators can document data for the depth of their tillage tool along with rolling basket down pressure. By creating an as-applied map based off global positioning system (GPS) data for the job performed by each functional area on the implement, TruSet enables producers to document their tillage passes then later review and analyze the data for future agronomic decisions.


Additionally, the TELUS Agronomy Prescription Creator company, a connected partner tool through the John Deere Operations Center, enables producers to create prescriptions for each functional area on the tillage tools. Data from previous yields, soil surveys, or freehand drawing tools can be used to create prescriptions that command the implement to the desired depth and pressure settings for optimum agronomic results.


TELUS Agronomy Prescription Creator is a trademark of TELUS Agriculture and Consumer Goods

Adjustable closing disks
Adjustable closing disks operating in worked ground Adjustable closing disks operating in worked ground

As the nutrient knife places anhydrous, closing disks bring soil back for proper sealing. Soil types, moisture, and residue levels can greatly affect the amount and consistency of the soil that is brought back in. The closing disks on the 2430C can be adjusted from a narrow setting of 220 mm (8.8 in.) apart to the widest setting of 430 mm (17 in.) apart for industry leading adjustability.


The closing disk system on the 2430C requires no tools for adjustability. Fore-aft and lateral settings are pin adjustable and have variable down force. This makes for quick, easy adjustments that allow for customizable settings to meet field finish preferences. For increased productivity and ease of serviceability, there are no grease zerks on the closing disks assembly.


The 460-mm (18-in.) concave notched blades close the slot and seal the anhydrous in the soil. The closing disks are designed with down-pressure springs built in, which limits bounce in rough field conditions. The closing arms have been engineered to flex as large obstructions (clods, rocks, etc.) flow between the knife and the blade. Independent up and down travel arms are key to the nearly plug-free closing disk. This allows one machine to operate in any soil type and eliminates the need to have multiple disk sealer attachments along with labor required to change them out.

Pin-adjust closing disk Pin-adjust closing disk
Proven frame design
3.4-m (134-in.) four-rank frame 3.4-m (134-in.) four-rank frame

The four-rank frame design of the 2430C has provided unmatched reliability to John Deere operators for over 10 years and a countless amount of acres. With operators requiring faster working speeds out of larger implements, machines require thicker frame tubes, additional diagonal bracing, and frame gussets to endure 600 engine horsepower tractors.


The frame stretches 3.4 m (11.2 ft) front-to-back, which allows for high levels of residue to easily flow through the staggered row units ensuring higher productivity and consistent nutrient placement. The large frame member sizes, tube-through-tube construction, and wheel module placement adds to the structural integrity, providing a stable front-to-rear and side-to-side operation.


The open frame design of the 2430C offers the ability to mount anhydrous distribution and nitrogen stabilizer systems in different locations throughout the bar based on user preference and convenience.


The ease of accessibility to the maintenance points of the machine is achieved through 1.1 m (3.67 ft) of underframe clearance. This enables the operator to save valuable time while experiencing less fatigue for routine maintenance and service.

Frame construction offers:
  • Consistent operating depth
  • Improved nutrient placement
  • Clear view of machine operation
  • Ease of serviceability
  • 10 degrees up flex and 15 degrees down flex
Tru-Depth heavy-duty cast standards

The Tru-Depth heavy-duty cast standards on the 2430C Nutrient Applicators are designed for precise and accurate nutrient placement and offer 567 kg (1250 lb) of trip force to allow for faster operating speeds. The conventional standard supports the anhydrous knife on both sides, greatly reducing shear bolt failure when encountering field obstacles.

Conventional heavy-duty Tru-Depth standard Conventional heavy-duty Tru-Depth standard
Heavy-duty cast standards Heavy-duty cast standards
Rear hitch

The ability to tow an anhydrous tank is an important component of anhydrous applications. The 2430C is equipped with a rear hitch capable of towing up to 11364 kg (25000 lb).


Tank hookup is made easier by extending the drawbar outwards and side-to-side laterally. It is constructed of heavy-duty tubing to ensure reliability and withstands higher towing capacity demands. 

Improved rear hitch design

An improved rear hitch design enables operators to utilize tow-behind attachments such as an additional leveling attachment or field finishing tool. Side-to-side range is improved by 56 percent.

Key Specs
Working widths
19 row: 14.5 m
47.5 ft
Row 25: 19.1 m
62.5 ft
Number of rows
19, 25
Row spacing
762 mm
30 in.
Transport width
19 row: 6 m (19 ft, 8 in.)
25 row: 5.5 m (18 ft, 2 in.)
Transport height
19 row: 4.3 m (14 ft, 1 in.)
25 row: 4.3 m (14 ft, 1 in.)
Overall length
9.75 m
32 ft
Centerframe width
19 row: 3.66 m
12 ft
25 row: 4.57 m
15 ft
Fold type
Five-section fold
Machine weight - conventional
19 row: 11,939 kg
26,320 lb
25 row: 13,608 kg
30,000 lb
Machine weight - chisel
19 row: 10,003 kg
22,052 lb
25 row: 11,060 kg
24,384 lb
Working widths
19 row: 14.5 m
47.5 ft
Row 25: 19.1 m
62.5 ft
Transport width
19 row: 6 m (19 ft, 8 in.)
25 row: 5.5 m (18 ft, 2 in.)
Transport height
19 row: 4.3 m (14 ft, 1 in.)
25 row: 4.3 m (14 ft, 1 in.)
Overall length
9.75 m
32 ft
Centerframe width
19 row: 3.66 m
12 ft
25 row: 4.57 m
15 ft
Machine configuration
Number of rows
19, 25
Row spacing
762 mm
30 in.
Fold type
Five-section fold
Fore-and-aft clearance
3.4 m
134 in.
Underframe clearance
Fully raised: 1100 mm
44 in.
Blade diameter
560 x 4.5 mm
22 x 0.177 in.
Blade spacing
762 mm
30 in.
Coulter down force
2669 N
600 lbf
Standard options
Conventional knife options with coulters and closing disks
Conventional or mole knife
Tru-Depth™ conventional
Number of standards
19, 25
Standard spacing
762 mm
30 in.
Standard Operating depth range
76 to 305 mm
3 to 12 in.
Standard trip force
5560 N
1250 lbf
Standard trip height
280 mm
11 in.
Closing Disks
Blade type
Concave notched
Disk blade diameter
460 x 3 mm
18 x 0.118 in.
Independently mounted arms with pin adjustment
Side to side adjustment range
220 to 460 mm
8.8 to 17 in.
Trip height
465 mm
19.5 in.
Max down pressure
222 N
50 lbf
Hitch and Frame
Depth control system
TruSet depth control system or single-point depth control system
Hitch system
Pull type: Floating hitch
rigid T-hitch - 6 x 12 in.
152 x 305 mm
Frame flex
10 degrees up / 15 degrees down
Hitch link
Category 4 or 5
Rear hitch
Fore/aft and side-to-side adjustable drawbar
Rear hitch maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW)
11,300 kg
25,000 lb
Tires and wheels
Wheel mounting
Castering front with walk-over tandem rear
Tire configuration
19 row: Mainframe tires: 320/70R15 145D (six)
Inner wing tires: 320/70R15 145D (two) 280/70R15 134D (four)
Outer wing tires: 280/70R15 134D (six)
25 row: Mainframe tires: 320/70R15 145D (six)
Inner wing tires: 320/70R15 145D (six)
Outer wing tires: 500/40R16 153A8/B (two)
Tractor compatibility
Engine horsepower requirement
19 row: 268.5 to 387.8 kW
360 to 520 hp
25 row: 372.8 to 462.3 kW
500 to 620 hp
Operating speed
8 to 16 km/h
5 to 10 mph
Selective control valves (SCVs) required
Additional information