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Fastline Peoria

We Partner with Fastline Peoria

Fastline Peoria is a company that Cross Implement partners with to get the best deals for tractors in Peoria, IL. With Fastline Peoria, you'll find farming equipment values for harvesters, combines, tractors, and more. Fastline Peoria gives you digital editions of tractor resources and tools to help you find the best dealer.

Cross Implement has Fastline Peoria to count on and provide farmers with the best tractor deals. When it comes to farming equipment in Peoria, no one else provides better equipment than Cross Implement through Fastline Peoria. Fastline Peoria offers a wide range of farming equipment. We have over 30 years of experience in providing Peoria with top farming equipment. Our goal is to able to help every individual farmer through the use of Fastline Peoria. When it comes to farming equipment, Cross Implement, and Fastline Peoria are the companies to trust. 

If you are looking for farming equipment, Fastline Peoria is where to look. Fastline Peoria features a variety of farm equipment for sale, ranging from tractors to harvesting tools and kernel processors. You can also find Cross Implement deals with Fastline Peoria. When you work with both Cross Implement and Fastline Peoria, you have assured the best deals for your tractors and farming equipment.

Fastline Peoria partners with Cross Implement 

Fastline and Cross Implement

Together with Fastline, Cross Implement can help you with any of the following:

Types of Tractors Cross Implement Offers

  • Less than 40 HP (horsepower)
    • 1023E
    • 1025R
    • 2025R
    • 2032R
    • 2038R
    • And more
  • 40 HP to 99 HP
    • 3043D
    • 3046R
    • 4044M
    • 4044R
    • 4052M
    • And more

Those are our most commonly purchased HP categories of tractors. But we also offer HP categories in 100 HP to 300 HP or even greater. In addition to what Cross Implement offers, Fastline Peoria also offers a number of tractors, combines, and planters that you can purchase online, anytime you want. Between Cross Implement and Fastline Peoria, you are sure to find exactly what kind of tractor you are looking for with the best price.

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Try Fastline Peoria today, or see Cross Implement’s list of used tractors, too.