John Deere 314G

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John Deere 314G

John Deere 314G Skid Steer


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John Deere 314G


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48hp ROC 1760lbs
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Incorporating many of the same durability and reliability features found on our larger machines, the 314G is as tough as they come. The redesigned vertical-lift boom rises up to 10 ft. to precisely places pallets. A smooth-running turbocharged 2.1-L EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesel engine meets rigid emission standards and packs plenty of power and torque. Keep downtime down with sealed electrical connectors, O-ring face-seal hydraulic fittings larger coolers, and extended service intervals. Standard automatic shutdown prevents overheating or low fluids from ruining more of your day. The 314G can also get you over eight hours of run time between fuel refills depending on your application and machine use.


  • Looking for a basic skid steer? This value-packed skid steer is equipped with manual controls and fuel-efficient diesel engine, it's easy to operate and own.
  • With weights from only 5,995 to 6,315 lb., these compacts are easy to trailer behind a pickup truck.
  • Wheel options enable them to slim down and fit through narrow openings.
  • Ample axle torque and increased boom and bucket breakout forces help carve out clay, push through piles, and keep the bucket heaped.
  • Clear sightlines to the cutting edge and bucket corners, above and below the lift arms, and the jobsite ahead and behind instill close-quarters’ confidence.
  • New integrated boom tie-down location enables easy access without having to crawl under the machine.


Before hitting the G-Series drawing board, we hit the phones and the road — connecting with skid steer and compact track loader (CTL) users like you to fnd out what they need. We listened, then rolled up our sleeves and applied what we learned. The result? Five new compact models in vertical-lift and radialboom confgurations. With a look and feel like their larger siblings, plus amped-up specs and a wider variety of options, these reimagined
do-it-alls have what it takes to ft the way you work, wherever you work.


  • This reimagined loader with a vertical-lift boom rises high, picks up heavy loads, and delivers remarkable boom- and bucket-breakout forces.
  • Plus, a low center of gravity and superior balance provide exceptional agility and stability on slopes.
  • The vertical-lift boom offers more lift height and reach at the top of the lift path, for more stability and truck-loading ability.


Entry-level models Looking for a basic skid steer? The value-packed 312GR and 314G give you the choice of a radial- or vertical-lift boom. Equipped with manual controls and fuel-effcient diesels, they’re easy to operate and own. More power and options If it’s a more powerful, better-equipped
machine you’re seeking, step up to the 316GR and 318G. These largerperformance models also offer more options including joystick controls, air
conditioning, and ride control, to list just a few. Beast mode Check the 317G CTL specs. Superior pushing power and breakout force deliver the tractive effort and leverage to dig in where other machines just spin.


Lightweight transport With weights from only 5,995 to 8,195 lb., these compacts are easy to trailer behind a pickup truck. Generous FT4 power
Smooth-running turbocharged 2.1-L EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesels meet rigid emission standards and pack plenty of power and torque.
When smaller is smarter Size up a G-Series. Wheel options enable them to slim down and ft through narrow openings. Pick up the pace Two-speed option in the 316GR and 318G provides faster transport speeds, to help boost productivity. Dig, pry, push Ample axle torque and increased boom
and bucket breakout forces help carve out clay, push through piles, and keep the bucket heaped. Tread lightly Equipped with optional 15.8-in.-wide
track, the 317G CTL’s ground pressure is just 4.5 psi, letting you work in soft underfoot conditions. Helps increase side-slope stability, too. Ground
pressure with standard 12.6-in.-wide track is only 5.5 psi. Space commander With widths at less than 72 in. with optional 15.8-in. track and just over
65 in. with standard 12.6-in. track, little gets in the way of the 317G CTL. Its small stature makes it easy to trailer, too.


  • Smooth-running turbocharged 2.1-L EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV diesels meet rigid emission standards and pack plenty of power and torque.
  • Large coolers provide increased heat rejection for superior performance in severe, high-load conditions. Engine-mounted belt-driven cooling fan delivers efficient, reliable performance.
  • A standard automatic shutdown system prevents overheating or low fluids from ruining more than just your day.
  • Designed for machines working in cold environments, the optional new cold-start package includes a heavy-duty 925-cca battery, a block-heater kit, and a hydraulic unloader that reduces parasitic loads.
  • Final Tier 4-emission certified engine
  • Vertical-lift boom
  • Narrow machine width
  • Improved Quik-Tatch™ coupler


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