Front Fold Auger Grain Carts

Model 1017 1117 1317

Front Fold Auger Grain Carts


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Extreme Unloading

Dyna-Torque auger on models 1317 and 1117 combines a 22" diameter auger in the sump feeeding into a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 620 bushels per minute •By increasing the unloading rate out of the sump, unloading efficiency is improved compared to a conventional, full-length 22" diameter auger


Model 1017 features a 20" diameter auger for unloading speeds up to 500 bushels per minute.

Auger intake (sump) is recessed below the floor line of the tank for complete clean out and faster unloading.

Wheel operated clean out door for easy clean out and convenient pit dumping.


Unloading Control

Hydraulically controlled 4-Way directional downspout provides 4 feet of left/right and 2 feet of in/out control for easily topping off trucks

Dual auger mounted unloading lights with hinge-mounted switch for accurate connection and easier night time unloading


Smooth Operation

Patented auger features a U-Joint with flex-drive coupler for unmatched durability and angles the auger outward for extreme upward, outward and forward reach.


Patented cushioned upper auger connection for a smooth and stress-free auger engagement Upper and lower auger flighting is synchronized for greater capacity, dependability and smooth operation.


Computer-balancing virtually eliminates any vibration for smooth operation and longer life Exclusive, full-length Extended-Wear flighting is 7/16" thick for longer life Heavy-duty gearbox is static-rated at 330 h.p. and dynamic-rated at 153 h.p. for long-term, trouble-free use.


Features an extra large 1 3/4" full-length output shaft and 5-pin drive hub connection to the auger for handling the toughest unloading scenarios, even wet corn.