John Deere S760 Combine

Class 6


John Deere S760 Combine

John Deere S760 Combines provide growers with unprecedented performance and capacity in all crops and conditions. The unique single-tine separator system provides superior crop handling performance, high levels of productive capacity, and excellent quality of harvested grain.



  • Combine Advisor™ package helps to set, optimize and automate main combine functions when conditions change

  • Fully automated yield sensor calibration with ActiveYield™ supplies accurate data with no time spent calibrating

  • Comfortable S700 cab is common with tractors and sprayers for ease of use

  • Continued quality manufacturing of S-Series combines maximizes uptime and productivity


  • Maximizes performance of header in down crop or changing field conditions to extend the harvest day by up to one hour

  • Achieves customized fore-aft angle of header with 17 degrees of tilt

  • Adjusts from inside the cab, on the go


ActiveYield™ system 


Automatic yield calibration for corn, soybeans, wheat, canola, and barley



Feature benefit:

  • Increased uptime with zero operator time spent calibrating the yield monitor system
  • Improved real-time decision-making as ActiveYield enhances the accuracy of the combine's yield data


ActiveYield eliminates time-consuming manual calibrations and replaces them with automated sensors that calibrate the machine by measuring the grain as the tank fills. This enables decisions to be made in real time without leaving the cab, providing more accurate yield mapping data.


When the ActiveYield option is enabled and the Terrain Compensation Module (TCM) in the StarFire™ 3000 or StarFire 6000 Receiver has been calibrated, ActiveYield is ready to go to work. As grain is harvested and enters the tank, the three sensors within the grain tank collectively measure the grain as it piles over the cross auger covers. If all conditions are acceptable (header and separator on, grain is flowing, machine level within 4 degrees) load collection occurs from 900 through 3000 kg (2000 through 6600 lb).
Any pitch and roll of more than 4 degrees from center during load collection will cause the system to reject that load due to the grain pile shifting in the tank. A new calibration load starts once grain is below the sensors on the cross auger covers.
Stored calibration loads are replaced by new ones as the system continues to collect data. The system may be disabled at any time by accessing the moisture setup page and unchecking the ActiveYield box if manual yield calibration is desired.


ActiveYield is available for model year 2016 through model year 2019 S760, S770, S780, and S790 Combines and requires the 4600 CommandCenter™ Display, GreenStar™ 3 (GS3) 2630 Display, or GS3 CommandCenter. Additionally, a StarFire 3000 or 6000 Receiver must be installed on the combine with the TCM calibrated for ActiveYield to detect machine pitch correctly. Manual yield calibration is not required as each crop has a built-in default value.
Harvest Doc™ system yield data collected by an ActiveYield system is only compatible with the John Deere Operations Center. John Deere does not guarantee compatibility of ActiveYield collected documentation with John Deere APEX™ software or third-party software systems.


NOTE: ActiveYield is compatible only on the 4600 CommandCenter, GS3 2630 Display, or GS3 CommandCenter. Additionally, the use of a StarFire 3000 or 6000 Receiver with the TCM is required to detect pitch of the machine.
NOTE: TCM must be calibrated with header attached before using the ActiveYield system.
Manual calibration of the system is not required. The system begins with a default value assigned to the crop type and automatically gathers calibration points during harvest.


The value of ActiveYield is dependent on current grower calibration practices and performance needs.
Four common grower scenarios are identified and described below:

  • Grower A on the left side of the above graph does not calibrate their yield system today and will not save any time with ActiveYield. However, they will enhance yield data accuracy throughout harvest.
  • Grower B in the center of the graph will improve performance through enhanced machine yield accuracy during the harvest season. Grower B will not only see improved yield accuracy, they will also gain uptime by increasing their acres harvested per day due to the non-stop yield calibration process. The calibration process is to set it and forget it with ActiveYield.
  • Grower C on the right side of the graph above does multiple calibrations per day and is currently maximizing their yield data accuracy, but spends the maximum amount of time doing so. Grower C will see ActiveYield meet their performance goals with no effort or time away from harvest.
  • Grower D is above the ActiveYield chart and looking for yield data accuracy improvements. ActiveYield only enhances the current machine capability and will not deliver on this grower’s expectations. This grower will see ActiveYield enhance the system’s accuracy with no effort or time away from harvest.

NOTE: ActiveYield is not compatible with any S550 or S650 Combine (S.N. 745100 – 795000). It is also not compatible with MY12-18 S660/S760 Combines (S.N. 745100 – 805000) equipped with manual grain tank extensions.



4600 CommandCenter™ Display



The 4600 CommandCenter is the central information system used on all John Deere S700 Combines starting in 2018. The display allows the operator to view various important harvest and diagnostic information during harvesting and see it in a layout based on operator preferences. The 4600 CommandCenter has been developed in combination with the CommandARM™ console and the multifunction control lever to deliver outstanding ergonomics paired with best-in-class natural navigation.


Feature benefits:

  • Display is easy to use due to its commonality across John Deere agriculture products
  • Large area for information provided by a 25.4-cm (10-in.) screen
  • Quick and easy navigation with touch functionality
  • 10 percent less button presses compared to the previous design because of an app-based user interface with simpler navigation
  • Easy, logical, and intuitive operation with five run pages which can be configured by operators according to their preferences
  • Quick, convenient access to the most used apps on the display as custom configured on nine hot keys
  • Improved uptime due to display interface time savings including shortcut keys below the display that allow access to the most important combine functions
  • Natural navigation with easy and clear structure
  • To increase digital display area and have even more overview, an Extended Monitor is available

Five run pages can be configured by the operator according to their preferences for easy, logical, and intuitive operation. By scrolling to the left and right on the display, the operator can conveniently switch from run page to run page just like on a smartphone. In addition, the operator can switch the run pages from the multifunction control lever. This means the operator does not have to move their hand off of the controls but is still able to navigate through run pages.


The 4600 CommandCenter in the armrest supports following features:

  • Compatible with 254-mm (10-in.) touchscreen display
  • CommandCenter AutoTrac™ assisted steering system capable
    • AutoTrac is in base for model year 2019 with code 1851
  • JDLink™ telematics system
  • Wireless Data Transfer (WDT)
  • Remote Display Access (RDA)
  • Interactive Combine Adjustment and Integrated Combine Adjustment 2 (ICA and ICA2)
  • HarvestSmart™ system
  • Active Terrain Adjustment™ system
  • ActiveYield™ system    
  • Four camera inputs
  • Diagnostics and calibration
  • Harvesting information
  • Engine information
  • Header setup
  • Export screenshots and troubleshooting information
  • CommandCenter Premium 3.0 Activation capable


CommandCenter Premium 3.0 Activation



Includes non-transferrable, machine-specific AutoTrac, Data Sync, Section Overlap Control, AutoTrac RowSense™, and In-Field Data Sharing functionality on the Gen 4 CommandCenter.

To enable Wireless Data Transfer or Data Sync, a JDLink Connect subscription is required. Activation is machine specific and only available with a 4600 processor.

System accuracy is dependent on the StarFire receiver signal accuracy.


Extended Monitor



Operators that prefer even more digital surface than the 4600 CommandCenter are able to equip their S700 Combine with an Extended Monitor on the cornerpost. The Extended Monitor includes a bracket and adapter harness. The bracket allows the operator to flip up the Extended Monitor for improved visibility during road transport and maneuvering the combine.


John Deere S760 Combine Specs)
Key Specs
Engine type John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine
9.0 L
548 cu in.
Rated power 249/239 kW
330/320 hp
Fuel capacity 950 L
250 gal.
Rotor length 312 cm
123 in.
Rotor diameter 76.2 cm
30 in.
Concave area 1.1 m2
11.8 sq ft
Separating area 1.54 m2
54.9 sq ft
Total cleaning area (louvered) 5.1 m2
54.9 sq ft
Grain tank size 10,600 L
300 bu
Unloading rate 116.3 L/s
3.3 bu/sec
Engine type John Deere PowerTech PSS engine
9.0 L
548 cu in.
Emission level Final Tier 4 / Tier 2 (Australia/New Zealand)
Rated speed 2,200 rpm
Rated power 249/239 kW
333/320 hp
Power boost @ rated speed 25 kW
34 hp
Fuel capacity 950 L
250 gal.
Drive type Fixed or variable
Conveyor chain slat type Cast iron
Width 139.7 cm
55 in.
Length 172.5 cm
67.9 in.
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST) Standard
Reverser Standard
Threshing/ Separating
Separator type Rotary
Rotor length 312 cm
123 in.
Rotor diameter 76.2 cm
30 in.
Rotor speed range 210-1,000 rpm
Concave area 1.1 m2
11.8 sq ft
Separating area 1.54 m2
16.6 sq ft
Discharge grate area 0.36 m2
3.9 sq ft
Front chaffer 0.5 m2
5.4 sq ft
Chaffer 2.5 m2
26.9 sq ft
Sieve area 2.1 m2
22.6 sq ft
Total cleaning area (louvered) 5.1 m2
54.9 sq ft
Cleaning fan speed 620-1,350 rpm
Grain handling
Grain tank size 10,600 L
300 bu
Unloading auger length 6.9 or 7.9 m
22.5 or 26 ft
Unloading rate 116.3 L/s
3.3 bu/sec
Base weight - less head
Front axle 9,300 kg
20,503 lb
Rear axle 9,100 kg
20,062 lb
Total machine 18,400 kg
40,565 lb
Manufacturing location
Country USA, East Moline, Illinois
Additional information
Date collected 27-April-2018


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