Customer Expert - AMS - Advanced Apex Features & Utilization (DLC CSP-10-CN3JPC30) This two hour Distance Learning Course (DLC) is recommended for students who have experience with GreenStar(TM) Apex(TM). The goal of this course is to provide students information regarding program feature utilization and setup of key items in order to better utilize GreenStar(TM) systems in field operations. Upon completion of the course students will be able to: o Import field boundaries and management zones o Create and edit prescriptions from imported data o Edit preferences in order to split tasks for optimum performance o Transfer maps and reports to Mobile Farm Manager o Create and edit Record keeping templates o Perform post calibration for Harvest, Application, Seeding, and Tillage tasks o Create reports based on operation, crop season, and date range Course Recommendations o Apex(TM) DLM - CSP-10-TW1JGSAX (AMS - Getting Started with Apex(TM))