AMS - Advanced Data Interpretation (DLC CSP-10-GN3JPC31) This program builds off the knowledge learned in the course AMS - Introduction to Data Interpretation. It is designed to teach users how to interpret soil moisture probe data after during the entire crop growing season. This will be ongoing in-season DLCs hosted by the John Deere Water Solution Specialist groupThe DLCs will cover topics ranging from early season (log in, web page features and functions, data access), mid-season (crop water use, rooting activity, irrigation/rainfall effectiveness) and late season (soil moisture profile management, end of season irrigation strategies). All sessions will feature live data and the opportunity to look at participants' data to facilitate better data interpretation.Please Note: You may take this course as many times as needed during the year. You will be charged $90 and receive credit each time you take the course.Upon completion, students will be able to: Interpret Field Connect data by using common and accepted terms.Convert interpreted data into producer actions to manage water usage in a management zone.Use the Field Connect Process Map.Conduct an end of season review with the producer.Required Prerequistes Please complete the following four courses prior to this course: AMS -John Deere Field Connect Essentials (Pre-Order NMQ): DLC-CAP-10-SN1JPC36 AMS-John Deere Field Connect Essentials (Post-Ship NMQ): DLC-CAP-10-SN1JPC37 AMS-Water Management Principles-DLM:CAP-10-GW1JPC30 AMS-Introduction to Data Interpretation-DLC:CSP-10-GN2JPC30